CS75plus high appearance level Blue Whale power fuel consumption as low as 6.6L

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It is reported that the domestic car market has been developing rapidly in recent years. With the increase of Chinese income and the overall reduction of car prices, more and more consumers begin to choose their own models.At the same time, with the rise of SUV models, domestic brand manufacturers have achieved rapid development, and even many car companies no longer produce cars, but put all their energy into the RESEARCH and development of SUV models.Because of these reasons, domestic SUV models on the market are becoming more and more powerful, and their prices are also greatly benefiting our domestic consumers, making them highly competitive models in the market.And today we are going to talk about Changan CS75plus, is a model with a very comprehensive performance in product power, price and design.Here, let’s take a look at what kind of performance this model has.In terms of appearance, the design of Changan CS75plus can be said to be very radical, which happens to coincide with the design of many domestic manufacturers.The front part, the spindle shaped net area is very large, with a sporty air intake grille, reflects a strong sense of design.The shape of fog lamps is very full, complementing the middle net, and the sporty shape is also well received by domestic consumers.Car running through the type of light is very brilliant, eagle eye style design also reflects the strong fashion sense, the configuration of lamplight, match the above models is the standard in the far, LED lamps and LED, low beam lights, light up the car after have high identification.On the side of the body, Changan CS75plus takes a fashionable and atmospheric route.The waist line of the body is very high, which enhances the visual effect of the body and makes it very luxurious.Suspension roof reflects the breath of fashion, especially the top of the chrome-plated decorative pieces, so that the model is full of vitality.In terms of body size, Changan CS75plus has a length, width and height of 4670/1865/1700mm and a wheelbase of 2710mm, which is positioned as a compact SUV. However, such body size is very large in the same class of models, similar to some medium-sized SUVs.Thanks to the large body size, Chang ‘an CS75plus has a very good performance in space, even if the front and rear passengers take a taller figure at the same time, they can also get a relatively sufficient space experience.From the personal experience of test driving, the passenger with height of 1.8 meters in the front row can easily find the sitting position suitable for himself, and both the head space and the transverse space of the body are very sufficient.At the same time keep the front seat unchanged, the back seat of the same height of 1.8 meters of passengers, still can get nearly two fists of legroom.Such space experience is undoubtedly very popular with domestic consumers.Interior part, sports and rich sense of science and technology interior undoubtedly cater to the current consumer demand for cars.Three-frame steering wheel shape movement, flat bottom shape revealed a good sense of movement, with the dual-screen type of central control system, let people have the desire to drive.The 12.3-inch central control screen is standard for the whole system, which not only displays clear results, but also supports functions such as mobile phone interconnection, voice recognition and Internet of vehicles.Interior work and materials, Changan CS75plus also has a good experience, the central console large area of the plastic process material, and the body daily touch place also uses soft material package.In terms of power, Changan CS75plus is equipped with blue Whale series engines of changan 1.5T and 2.0T.The 1.5T engine has a maximum power of 178 HP and a peak torque of 265 N · m, matching the six-speed manual and six-speed manual transmission, while the 2.0T model has a maximum power of 233 HP and a peak torque of 360 N · m, matching the eight-speed manual transmission.Not only are the power data parameters excellent, but the automatic transmission aspect is matched by the Aisin gearbox, which undoubtedly provides better stability.Such a power system, for the model to increase the competitiveness.Conclusion: From the product performance of Changan CS75plus, I think the overall product strength is very excellent. The appearance design is dynamic and fashionable, and the interior also achieves a perfect balance between the sense of science and technology and the sense of sport. At the same time, good space experience and power matching also bring better performance for changan CS75plus products.No wonder many car friends have said that changan CS75plus product force is very good, can be said to be a domestic boutique models, coupled with a low price, is a very high cost performance model.