Hefei man nearly two million bought a house, the original owner: don’t add 60 thousand don’t move things

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Jin Brother in Hefei called for help, saying he had spent nearly 2 million yuan to buy a house auctioned by the court, but he still dared not move in six months later.Jin Dacheng, who lives in Hefei, has been thinking about buying a bigger house for his father for retirement.In July 2021, Jin Took a fancy to a house auctioned by the court on the Internet, which was commissioned by the Luyang District People’s Court of Hefei.After bidding, Jin Eldest brother bought this is located in the government district of green Yi residential property.It’s a flat with two bedrooms and one living room on the top floor, with an area of 90.66 square meters.In addition, there is a penthouse on the roof, with a license area of 39.79 square meters.Jin brother said that the price of the house was more than 1.3 million yuan at that time, but later because of the large number of bidders, they finally won the house for more than 1.9 million yuan.In August 2021, Jin handed over the money, went through the property transfer procedure with the original owner, and got the property ownership certificate.Although holding the property ownership certificate and the key, Jin brother still couldn’t move into the new house, because many things belonging to the original owner had been kept in the house.After repeated representations through the court, Jin Brother learned that the original owner of the conditions is to move the things away, Jin Brother to add 60,000 yuan.In theory, before the legal auction, the court was assessed on the spot, and the auction price was the final price of the property. Why would the original landlord want Jin Brother to give additional money?Originally, the original owner of the roof of the attic before the transformation and expansion, the original 39 square meters of the attic, the expansion into a more than 50 square meters of two rooms one hall.The original owners thought he had spent a lot of money on the extension and brother Kim had to compensate them for the cost.Kim said he cannot accept this.The matter came to a deadlock after rejecting the other side’s demands for compensation.The original landlord never removed the things in the house, and Jin dared not do it himself.It has been more than five months since I bought the house.Subsequently, the reporter also made contact with the original owner of the original owner.At that time, he said, he had spent a lot of money to expand the house, and he would not stop without compensation from Brother Kim.To add to the imbalance in the mind of the original owner, Jin Brother has already rented out the penthouse and the extension to others for rent while the two sides are still in dispute.The original owner also thinks that the law is in accordance with the property certificate, and the part of their expansion is not included in the property certificate, so it does not belong to the law.So if Big Brother Kim wants this part of the building, he should pay for it.If Mr. Jin did not accept the offer, the original owner said he would rather pay to demolish the extension than take advantage of Mr. Jin.So, the part of the top floor extension is not in the property area of the law?Should Brother Kim pay for this?Reporters found the auction of this property luyang District people’s Court, the director of the executive bureau liu Yang accepted the reporter’s interview.Liu Yang said that the auction notice is only in accordance with the property ownership certificate of the area to be auctioned, the extension of the area does not have a property ownership certificate, so they can only be handled according to the real estate department registered area.In addition, Director Liu told reporters that in fact this part of the expansion of the area suspected of illegal construction.But when the original owner was expanding, he had destroyed the main structure of the original attic, which was difficult to dismantle and restore.Director Liu said the next step, the court will again organize the two sides to negotiate.Source: Anhui Radio and Television station, Xiaoxiang Morning Post statement: copyright belongs to the original all, reprint this article is for the purpose of passing more information.If there is a source marked wrong or violated your legitimate rights and interests, please contact this network, we will promptly correct, delete, thank you.