Regular series features no less than 41 minutes!State Administration of Radio, Film and Television

2022-07-28 0 By

The National Radio and Television Administration has issued the Standards for Master Production of TV Dramas (hereinafter referred to as the Standards), which will come into force on April 1, 2022 as a recommended industry standard for radio, TV and Internet audiovisual.State administration of radio, television when answer questions about chief, said “the specification” feature in television, the opening credits, and “antecedents to review” “fixation of trailer” additional content such as the length of the specification, the conventional series feature length not less than 41 minutes, opening time does not exceed 90 seconds, until the end time less than 180 seconds.In principle, the duration of “Previously reviewed” and “next episode preview” should not exceed 30 seconds. If there are repeated contents at the end of each episode and the beginning of the next episode, the duration should not exceed 30 seconds. The purpose is to guide production institutions and broadcasting platforms to continuously optimize the content of the film, improve the perception of the TV series, and safeguard the viewing rights and interests of the audience.Source: National Radio and Television Administration (ID: GH_8E38D4794A80