The mountains look like pillows, clouds steaming Xianyu, myriad, beautiful, is people’s pilgrimage

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Pillow Hill, a provincial forest park, is located in Houlou Village, Yangzhong Town, Youxi County, Sanming City and xibin Town. It is separated from youxi River by a slope, and is known as a “natural ecological park”.The park is located in 118°21 ’59 “~ 118°23′ 23” east longitude, 26°17 ’03 “~ 26°19′ 17” north latitude, northeast and southwest direction, mountain like a pillow, hence the name.Pillow mountain forest park total area of 398.67 hectares, the highest point Wang Yantou (Xianling top) 976.4 meters above sea level, the lowest point Pingkeng River 180 meters, the mountain covered with more than 5,800 acres of towering ancient trees, coverage rate of 97%.According to the resource conditions of the forest park, the overall planning of the scenic area is divided into: comprehensive service area, agricultural experience area, mountain Range, forest exploration area.The scenic spot has “horse waist race”, “cliff waterfall”, “Zhennv Peak” and many other natural landscapes, known as “seven ridges and eight peaks, seven guai and eight bends, seven ancient and eight strange”, is a collection of risk, strange, secluded, elegant in one of the ecological tourism scenic spot.In 2016, pillow Mountain was rated as a national AAA tourist attraction.The park as a whole pillow hill southeast slope, there are a number of streams, ups and downs, steep peaks, jagged mountains, qifeng compete pull, jagged rocks, precious trees and protected animals, no summer heat, no cold winter, pleasant climate.Surrounded by mist, the mountains were a fairyland;When the beautiful day clear sky, cloud steaming Xianyu, the myriad, beautiful.Among them, penglai Pavilion, located on the top of the mountain, has been a pilgrimage place since the beginning of history.Every lunar New Year’s day, 15, always up the mountain to pray in an endless stream.There are two late Ming and early Qing dynasty ju dangerous ancient village ruins – Horse waist village, zizao village (also known as xinglong village).According to legend, it is the ancient village site of the late Ming and early Qing warriors gathering together in the mountains. In the 1940s, the Underground armed workers of the Communist Party of China (CPC) were active in this area, sowing the seeds of revolution.Visitors can still distinguish the thick and narrow city wall of the ancient village from the ruins, which shows that the ancient village was huge and prosperous at that time.