Zaoqiang County to do a good job of people’s livelihood to enhance the well-being of the people

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The two rivers and ten canals are all interconnected. Irrigation can reduce farmers’ expenditure by 32 million yuan at a time.Renovate and repair 19 kindergartens, further expand the scale of preschool education, improve the quality of preschool education;A total of 43.5 kilometers of rural roads will be covered, making it easier for people from more than 120 villages to travel along the roads.The completion of the practical benefit of the people, a show of people’s livelihood, so that the county people’s happiness within reach, feel warm.Since last year, fushun insisting that “I get things done for the populace” theme party history learning education as the important content of practice activities, mainly around fushun in 2021 10 the practical work of the people’s livelihood, adhere to the “close to public opinion, guang hui people” “unified planning, pratt &whitney sharing” “security powerful, pragmatic” three principles, practices, at the same time as we learn and implement.By the end of 2021, 10 tasks related to the people’s livelihood had been basically completed, providing a warm answer to the people of the county.The water system is connected and moistens people’s hearts.South wenkou sluice in Zaoqiang County, here connected water system, the river is abundant.This is not only an “artery” for farmland harvest and drinking water security, but also a “Treasury” for flood control and irrigation.Villagers use surface water to irrigate the land, which not only reduces the exploitation of underground water, but also saves about 50 yuan per mu.Zaoqiang County has steadily implemented the dredging connection of “two rivers and ten channels” and the expansion and digging project of 11 towns and townships with a total length of 345.34 kilometers (including 164.34 kilometers of river channels and 181 kilometers of channels), with a total investment of 216 million yuan.Up to now, the overall project has been basically completed, the two rivers and ten channels are all interconnected.Through the implementation of the project, the new water storage capacity of 15.3 million cubic meters, the original design of water storage capacity has also been further improved, up to 51 million cubic meters;The area under surface water irrigation was increased by 230,000 mu, and 5.62 million cubic meters of water were extracted under underground pressure, bringing the area under irrigation to 620,000 mu.This project is an “ecological account”, or an “economic account”.Last year, the county diverted the Yellow River water three times, diversion storage 50 million cubic meters, reduce the extraction of groundwater 40 million cubic meters;According to the calculation of irrigation, farmers can save about 50 yuan per mu, and 620,000 mu of cultivated land can reduce farmers’ expenses about 32 million yuan.Through the connectivity of water systems and the expansion of pits and ponds, the rivers and lakes that used to be silted and overgrown with weeds have become unblocked and green. The environment and ecology of the village have been further improved, and the happiness of the villagers has been significantly enhanced.Developing education warms people’s hearts.Zaoqiang county closely around the “people satisfaction education” work goal, conscientiously perform education responsibilities, rational planning layout, crack the “bottleneck” in the development process of preschool education, the implementation of campus safety projects, and constantly meet the growing needs of the masses for educational resources.We will improve preschool education.Camp center kindergarten, cause center kindergarten, curtilage city kindergarten, morning glory, zhao about the kindergarten, kindergarten was made in the kindergarten and 19 kindergarten rebuilding, repair projects have been completed and put into use, to further expand the scale of preschool education, improve the quality of the preschool education, the successful completion of three years of preschool education action plan in the villages and towns a public kindergarten task.Expand no. 9 Primary School.At present, the teaching building has been completed and accepted, and the dormitory building, restaurant and affiliated projects are under construction.After completion, it can accommodate 24 classes and add 1320 degrees. It is the only boarding primary school in the county, which can effectively solve the problem of large classes and students staying in small dining tables illegally, and promote the balanced development of education.Implement campus safety project.Youth Sports School complex building, Zecheng Central Primary School restaurant, Shicun Central Primary School restaurant, Wang Jun Middle School restaurant, Zecheng Central Primary School complex building, Zhang Xiutun Central Primary School restaurant;4 school playgrounds including Daying Gold Center Primary School, Xicui Hu Primary School, Wangjun Middle School, Zaoqiang Town Majun Village Primary School, as well as 13 school maintenance and renovation projects such as Enqamingde Primary school, Jiahui Qian17 Primary school, Xintun Caitun Primary school have all been completed.The project will further create a safe, stable and harmonious campus environment.Projects to benefit the people will delight the people.Zaoqiang County based on solving the people’s urgent problems and worries, rolling implementation of key livelihood practical projects, with “action intensity” to improve the “livelihood temperature”, people’s livelihood “list” implemented one by one, actively respond to the people’s “livelihood concerns”.To implement the rural road cover project and county road construction.In the countryside, wukuan road, fur-lined circle section, Zhangtang section have been completed and opened to traffic, the road appearance has taken on a new look, the traffic capacity has been greatly improved, facilitating the smooth travel of more than 120 villages along the road.In the county, fuqiang Road south extension pavement has been completed;The transformation and upgrading of 10 small streets and alleys has been completed, which further enhances the urban traffic capacity, facilitates the life of citizens and improves the image of the county.The overall relocation of TCM hospitals will be realized.Zaoqiang County Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine will be relocated on July 25, 2021. It has 225 employees, mri, CT, automatic biochemical analyzer and other examination equipment, TCM constitution identification instrument, microwave therapy instrument, balance tester and other treatment equipment, which provides a strong guarantee for the convenience of people to seek medical treatment and the construction of “healthy Zaoqiang”.Establish long-term operation mechanism of later-stage management and protection of rural toilets.Purchased dung sucking 4 cars in 90, dry wet depart, establish and improve the service, waste pickup service, waste harmless handling three mechanism, set up to pay services, maintenance services, waste disposal three team, build up “tube, closed, with pay equal attention to, responsibility, right and benefit” of long-term management mechanism, speeds up the construction pace of rural revitalization.We will improve the monitoring and support mechanism for preventing people from returning to poverty.It has established working mechanisms for screening and early warning of ten departments and “Two continuous monitoring”, and issued the Implementation Rules for Monitoring and Assisting Poverty Prevention in Zaoqiang County and the Joint Conference System for Monitoring and Assisting Poverty Prevention, improving the standard conditions for monitoring and assisting poverty prevention to ensure that all the people should receive and all should be helped.There are 284 poverty prevention monitoring households of 639 people in the county, and 407 people in 201 households have been eliminated risks. No case of poverty returning to poverty has occurred, and the bottom line of poverty returning to poverty has been defended on a scale, and the achievements of poverty alleviation have been further consolidated and improved.Water supply facilities upgrading project.The project of upgrading water supply pipe network in seven streets of the county was implemented, and three intelligent integrated water supply devices were installed.Effectively improve the county water peak high-rise water shortage, water quality safety is further guaranteed.