The documentary “China” wraps up its second season with 22 episodes featuring vivid Chinese history

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Into history, into China.Last night (15th), the second season of China, a large-scale historical and cultural documentary jointly produced by Hunan TV, Mango TV and Beijing Jingjing Culture, officially concluded. The audience followed the cameras to trace how China has come a long way through those groundbreaking, transformative or iconic historical milestones.”China” in the second quarter, for the first quarter of the narrative context, from the tang dynasty has been moving forward, chose the far-reaching influence on the later China, highly representative and significance of characters and events: tang’s two great poet li bai and du fu, song dynasty emperor was opening times young emperor kangxi…Through poetic images and story-like narration, the director makes the dusty historical figures come alive.Why give up the systematic, coherent and comprehensive introduction of history, the recording way of chronicle, the purely thematic telling way, and the in-depth exploration and examination of historical details?Lee Dong-shen, the producer of the second season of China, said, “The starting point for China is to have a little knowledge of the history of our country and to express warmth and respect for the past.Compared with previous historical documentaries, they focus more on digging stories from a certain period of history, events and characters. China aims to be a ‘general history’ of China in the form of images and a concise ‘outline’ to understand the development of history.”Based on this understanding, “China” finally selects those who have the most profound influence on the future generations, the most groundbreaking and turning points of the time, the most representative, the most contemporary and the most dramatic people and stories, tracing the journey of Today’s China and the Chinese people.”This choice determines the tone of freehand brushwork in China, and also determines the depth and temperature of each person and story.”Li Dongshen said.”China” in the 22 episodes to the audience presents a vivid China, as the Li Dongshen say, China is like a person, in set up through the spring and autumn period and the warring states period, the qin and han dynasties gradually perfected the body, formed the unified today ranks of the national management system, wei jin southern and northern dynasties so tumultuous time, he began to grow, and then he combines the thought of outsiders,He became a young man full of vigor and vitality. When he felt that at the peak, it was also the beginning of a decline cycle. History has cycles and historical cycles are objective.Since the airing of the second season of “China”, according to The big data of Chinese audiovisual, its per-episode arrival rate has ranked first in the evening time documentary of local TV channels.Highly educated audience accounts for more than 40% of CSM national network;The popularity of the whole network continues to rise: according to The Merrand Blue Eagle Index, the film ranked first in the documentary fusion communication index for 16 consecutive years, and more than 60% of the broadcast days won the first place in the evening prime time TV program fusion communication index.The whole network more than 20 hot search, more than 80 circle topics, achieve 2.6 billion + person-time exposure, traction users to explore the origin of Chinese civilization.Li Jingze, yi zhongtian, tianming nearly 40 culture masters, academic experts and scholars have recommended “China” in the second quarter, writer, screenwriter tianming amazed by the Chinese grand thick and deep and brilliant, “I can’t imagine in the form of a TV program to render a one thousand across China, however, it appears, it is” Chinese “.”Beijing Youth Daily reporter Zu Weiwei editor cui Wei