And firecrackers?Four people in Xifeng, Tieling, were detained and fined

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February 15 at 18:30 xu, liangquan police station in the launch of patrol work, investigated and dealt with two violations of the provisions of the fireworks case.After the inquiry, Gao, Yuan confessed to the illegal setting off fireworks and firecrackers.On February 15, The Jinxing police station, in conjunction with the township government and forestry departments, carried out illegal fireworks patrol in the area, found the area of the villagers Sun and Wang set off firecrackers in their yard by police on the spot.Police will be summoned to the public security organs according to law.After inquiry, Sun mou, Wang mou confessed to the illegal setting off fireworks and firecrackers.According to the law of the People’s Republic of China on public security Administration punishment, Sun mou, Wang mou, Gao Mou, Yuan Mou by the Public Security Bureau of Xifeng County, public security administrative detention for five days and a fine of 500 yuan.Hua Shang Bao reporter Zhao Zengyu editor Xiang Xue correspondent Guo Qingjun