Little S revealed that big S stayed at home with the kids and had no pressure after the divorce

2022-07-31 0 By

All kinds of discussion and speculation about the university S actually started from the side of Wang Xiaofei and his mother Zhang LAN.Of course, everyone’s public opinion has become a guide, and Zhang LAN herself has repeatedly come forward to clarify.Especially after Wang Xiaofei and Zhang Yingying were repeatedly photographed back to the hotel in the same frame, everyone said that after Wang Xiaofei left the University of S, she not only realized freedom of speech, but also freedom of life.But then again, what about big S?Although she hasn’t made an appearance and hasn’t officially returned to work since the divorce, how is her status since the divorce?In small S’s latest program launch press conference above, sister small S for the first time publicly revealed big S’s recent state.Small S revealed big S at home with children, no pressure after divorce, too lazy to deal with Wang Xiaofei’s public opinion!She said her sister is doing well, especially after her divorce. She has recently focused on childcare, taking care of her children and enjoying her private life at home.Elder sister S has no pressure on her body and mind, so she looks very good, even without makeup.The implication of small S has said very clear, that is to say big S after divorce but is very good, this is right, after leaving Wang Xiaofei their happiness.From the perspective of wang Xiaofei and Big S’s 10-year relationship, there is no mutual tear and no bad feelings. After divorce, it is like letting go. Some remarks of Small S prove that it is right for big S and Wang Xiaofei to let go.In addition, when talking about whether Big S will return to show business recently, small S said that there will be opportunities in the future, but not now.And no matter how to invite her sister online, but she refused this approach.However, Xiao S believes that her sister will still appear in the film, because she has always dreamed of acting, if a good script, the right director comes along, she will feel worth a try.No matter how wang Xiaofei’s love affair changes and develops, it seems that Big S has shifted her focus to her family and her main task is to take care of the children at home. As for her personal feelings and work, big S has put them aside.It can also be said that HSU’s current state is a kind of self-adjustment after divorce, but happily, she is getting better, which is good for her fans.