Meet the most extreme Xinjiang Taklimakan

2022-07-31 0 By

If the aerial China shows high altitude Angle of China was under the extreme beauty of the earth during the Spring Festival of the year of the tiger on the nature of documentary “meet the acme China” will show you a multidimensional perspective of ecological beauty under extreme environment and humanity into mountains across the river four seasons traced to meet the most extreme China this time to take you into the taklamakan desert in xinjiang this is China’s largestThe flow of the world’s second largest desert in the desert of tianshan mountains, kunlun mountains and the pamirs in the arms of the continuous, wayward generation changing wind and the wind to gives xisha moody character and changing attitude every time meet are destined to new surprises this time, met the owner of the sandstone pores – xinjiang rock lizard it skillfully in sand hunting full after eating a meal,A week without eating this time we meet in the dust of the desert hinterland that magical desert bird it is run athlete of “birds” in unique ways in the sand fly this time found that reddish brown red white this is the only mountain in the taklamakan desert is like a dragon prone on the north and south on both sides of the vast desert alone click “watching” more people see thiswen