My junior high school story: rebellious youth, with “revenge” the teacher’s psychology, embarked on the road of outstanding students

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In 2007, I was admitted to Wenzhou No. 21 Middle School, where there were less than 500 students in the whole section. In that year, about 150 students were admitted to ordinary high schools, and more than 10 of them entered key middle schools in Zhejiang Province.When I was in the first grade of junior middle school, my grades were about 150 in the section, and the teacher said that this ranking was up to an ordinary high school.In adolescence, I was extremely resistant to some school practices and often challenged teachers.My teacher asked me to arrive at school before 7:20, but I insisted that, according to the regulations of the Ministry of Education, middle school should start classes no earlier than 8 o ‘clock in the morning. The development of adolescent brain requires sufficient sleep, so I arrived at school at 8 o ‘clock every day.For this, I was always punished, standing at the back of the class, and I laughed.The teacher said: “punishment station also laugh!”The teacher found my father, my father support me: “The bureau of education is indeed so regulation, why do you want children at 7 o ‘clock to school?”The teacher said: “your child, later I don’t care.”From then on, I was the only one in the class to make an exception and get to school late.As Gu’s mother says, there is solid scientific evidence that children must get enough sleep to perform well.Matthew Walker, a sleep expert atthe University of California, Berkeley, points out that teenagers have a different sleep cycle than adults, sleeping longer and waking up later.A Long-term Study in Japan that followed more than 5,000 schoolchildren found that those who slept 40 to 50 minutes more in the morning achieved better grades in most subjects and developed higher IQs.Still have one time, the language teacher lets the whole class punish to copy poetry 40 times, all classmates bury their heads in copy, I slant not.The teacher called me, asked me why not copy, I said: “if the education bureau has a clear regulation of the penalty copy 40 times is reasonable, I immediately copy!”Under the stage of the students stole joy, the Chinese teacher’s face are gas green.Still have once, the teacher on Chinese class say: “Qianlong is kangxi’s son.”I immediately raised my hand: “teacher, Yongzheng is the son of Kangxi, Qianlong is the grandson of Kangxi.”After class, the head teacher and the history teacher came to guide me, asking me not to point out the teacher’s mistakes in person and give the teacher a step down.And time and male deskmate quarrelling, adolescent boy with a mouthful of f-ing hate dirty words, I am mad, just did a dig at his naked comics, wrote four Chinese characters “is SAO,” then he took me, bags, and bench up together, went to the back of the classroom blackboard throw, frighten I hurriedly jumped off the bench, a crunchy, bag pen is broken into two sections.And then I was called a parent.The teacher handed the picture to my mother. My mother smiled and said, “Teacher, my child is very interested in drawing. I recently bought her a book on human sketch.”Actually, I didn’t learn to paint, my mom just said that to protect my self-esteem.My mother said, “How can you trust me if I don’t do this?Tell me all the secrets of adolescence?”In this way, I became a “problem” student in the eyes of the teachers. I was completely abandoned and gradually lost interest in some classes.However, the second grade of junior high school “durian incident” let everything happened a huge turning point, so THAT I with the anger of revenge, to reverse attack.Once, I was eating durian in the corridor. When I returned to my seat, a boy reported to the teacher, “Teacher!Xia ate durian again. It stinks!”The teacher said, “Then you won’t drag her out!”This reminds me of the boys who used to whip my stool behind my back. My buttocks fell on the floor several times, and my neck was stuck on the edge of the table. My jaw hurt and I couldn’t breathe.When the teacher said this, I was sitting in the corner of the classroom, he didn’t see me, but his words stung me.When I got home, I told my mother, who rushed to the principal’s office the next day, “A teacher, let some boys drag a girl out.What does it mean?It’s called spreading communal violence!”After communicating with the principal, my mother persuaded me to listen carefully in class.I am very stubborn to shake his head: “I do not listen to do not listen, do not like the teacher, I do not listen!”My mother said, “Just because you don’t like teachers, you have to study hard. What you learn is your own. Prove it to them.Isn’t that better?”That makes sense.Since then, I listen to the teacher carefully, and warmly greeted the teacher (because the teacher surnamed Zhu, and pig homophonic, so naughty not sensible I shouted very enthusiastic).The boys who played tricks on me gradually stopped.One time, a boy whipped my stool, and he was laughing his head off, and THEN I got up, rushed him into a corner, pushed him against a giant trash can, and kicked him in the leg with my foot, and he was holding his crotch.The boy later went to the other boys and said, “Her face, from the corners of her mouth to behind her ears, scared me to death. When I kicked me, I thought, my life is over, my life is over.”Later, the boys stopped playing tricks on me and called me “Brother Snow”.In this way, learning more and more smoothly.In the second semester of junior high school, my score rose from 150 to 50.In the first semester of the third year of junior high school, I ranked top 10 in several monthly exams and final exams, and sometimes RANKED fourth in the exam.By the third semester, basically stable at this level, there is hope to be admitted to zhejiang province key senior high school.Teachers are also more and more attentive to me.When I was in junior three, I moved far from school and it took me 1.5 hours by bus.In order to let me have more time to study, the head teacher often drives me home;When I was confused about my study, the teachers explained it to me at the first time, gave me extra learning materials and encouraged me in every exam.I tried my best to finish my homework every day. I went to bed early at night, got up at dawn and took the bus. I continued to sleep on the bus, woke up as soon as I arrived at the station, got off and never was late again.To my surprise, my “revenge plan” turned into a “journey of love” and won the full support of my teachers and classmates.I gradually understand that every teacher is good to students with all his or her heart, but sometimes children in the rebellious stage may not be able to adapt to their ways and ideas.The second semester of the third grade, the school organized the examination of the provincial key high school, there are 7 places (the first 4 recommended to wenzhou middle school, 5 to 7 recommended to Wenzhou second middle school), I look forward to the last wenzhou second middle school, early liberation.However, god played a joke on me again.Because the score of walk is to calculate the previous score, my score in the first grade of junior middle school dragged down the total score, just ranked the eighth, and the seventh.Failed to walk, can only participate in the examination.I said to my parents, my school every year through the entrance examination into wenzhou middle school up to four or five, very suspense.My parents said to me, “It’s ok, honey, you can take the exam where you want, don’t give yourself pressure.Those walks are gone. Isn’t that your time?It doesn’t matter if you can’t get into an ordinary high school.”In 2010, I ranked third in the middle school entrance examination, and the top four students were successfully admitted to the best local high school, namely Wenzhou Middle School.I became the only child in my class who was admitted to a provincial key senior high school.In retrospect, it was so important for teenagers to have the right guidance.In addition to thanking my tolerant teachers, I am also very glad that I have a good baby. My parents are my bosom friends and most solid Allies who I talk about everything. As long as I like and believe in things, they will give me full support and stand up for me when I need them most.Recently I asked my parents what was the biggest lesson in raising me?They said: “Do not treat your children as children, but as good friends. Listen to them and feel their happiness and troubles every day. Good friends should communicate and discuss with each other more.Honey, you think this is good?Or is it better?”What I especially want to share with young friends is that things that are hard to see at present will become clearer and clearer as time goes by. Examinations are just a small episode of life, but self-learning is the main melody of life.Don’t put limits on life, and do your best to enjoy each growth experience.In the end, the dots will connect to form a lifeline that will lead you to your own answers.