The sacrificial tradition caused by the view of life and death

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What is life?Wise people believe that life is the self-carrier of human beings, and what human beings give it, it has what meaning.Because of this, different ethnic groups, geographical and living environment, as well as the factors of belief, life and death.Ancient Egyptian culture believed that people could come back to life after death, hence the pyramids and mummies.Christian tradition holds that the soul of a person who has done good deeds can go to heaven after death, and that the soul can be reborn in heaven, so there is a tradition of not fearing death, and there is an Easter.Eastern culture, with Confucianism, Buddhism and Taoism as its main body, is afraid of death and life. It calls what is called soul in other cultures soul and considers soul as body. Therefore, there is a saying of body in life.The soul is not attached to the body, can be scattered, so, we have the view of soul gas, people go after the soul changed ghost or infatuation, where does the invisible soul exist?Original statement it attached to the temple or ancestral temple of wooden memorial tablet, so, when people die in ancient times are set up a memorial tablet, temple or church and memorial tablet must be made of wood, GuoNianJie worship, the ancestor of the soul can enjoy incense, because life is born, to prevent the expansion of the temple or church endless, culture in the concept of “WuFu”, namely after the five dynasties,In addition to the ancestors or great contributions to the ancestors, that is, can be called “zong” people, will be brand displacement out of the ancestral temple or ancestral temple, lost later generations incense sacrifice of ancestors spirit will disappear.Because the temple or hall does not exist, later choose to worship ancestors in the grave.