Wang xiaofei wrote again that she did not allow her children to call Gu Junye “father”, claiming that it would be humiliating for her to go back

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Big S family melon is probably small make up I have eaten the longest melon in the entertainment circle, from the middle of last year began to divorce, to now has passed nearly a year of time, the family is not your response, is he spoke, but did not expect to big S will get married again so soon, often than the TV series.On March 30, Wang xiaofei posted a furious post on social media, asking when she first learned that Hsu and Gu junye were together, apparently wondering if they had contacted each other while their marriage was still alive.Wang lambasted Xiao s for her endless responses and shared her sister’s story on her show, earning plenty of eyeballs and traffic.On the same day, Wang added in the comments section: “I want to have children, and I don’t allow someone I don’t know to call them dad. But I’ve been isolated for five times, and it’s humiliating for me to go back now. Yue ‘er is my meat, 箖 is my son.”Some netizens expressed their support and hoped that he would bring back his child, while others thought that since he missed his child, he should go back even if he had been isolated for a hundred times. It was humiliating to shout repeatedly on the Internet.Others comforted her, saying hSU would take good care of the children and told him to shut up and not push them into the middle of the storm.For big S and Gu Junye flash marriage, it is estimated that Wang Xiaofei is also very shocked, now Gu Junye is in big S’s mansion, can not live in he and big S and their children live in the warm small home, Wang Xiaofei is inevitably troubled.And these days two people door not out half step, home also live a pair of children, small yue son and 箖 son and this strange man get along, it is difficult to imagine what the children need to experience.Wang Xiaofei really a lot of words can only be hidden in the heart, as he said, he has been very compromised.From s unilaterally announced divorce, it is not difficult to see that Wang Xiaofei is abandoned, so he is helpless.However, Wang Xiaofei himself and Zhang Yingying are not clear, before and after being photographed also dare not admit the relationship with each other, according to the current interaction, the two have broken up.In fact, From the beginning, S did not want to announce their new marriage. Gu jun-yeop insisted on official announcement, so S respected the other party’s intention.Also once suspected by netizens is not want to take the opportunity to fire.But it’s a good idea to tell them early, otherwise they won’t be able to tell them when they’re photographed.Perhaps Gu Junye did not expect that after the marriage was made public, there would be so much turmoil. Xiao S can say that she did not add fuel to the storm. It seems that she should learn to restrain herself, analyze what to say and what not to say, and not to use her family for her own heat.Big S once said That Wang Xiaofei will always be the father of small Yue and 箖 children, now Wang Xiaofei has said not to allow the children to call Gu Junye father, I believe that big S will not force them.