From online to present, is telecommuting the trend?

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On April 6, T-Ask, a research platform under Tencent Research Institute, released the “2022 T-Ask Telecommuting Survey” report and held an online seminar called “Telecommuting Discussion” to explore the future path of telecommuting development.The report surveyed telecommuters from their portraits, basic information, application tools, practical experience, opinions, attitudes and future trends.The results show that more than 70 adults do not reject telecommuting, and 39.9 percent of respondents believe that telecommuting is an inevitable trend.However, many agreed that telecommuting has many problems, such as “blurred boundaries between work and life”, “poor communication with colleagues” and “poor self-management and waste of time”.At the seminar, Yang Jian, vice president of Tencent company and general consultant of Tencent Research Institute, said that telecommuting may be one of the directions of future telecommuting because of the lack of “telepresence” in the current communication compared with the on-site office.He believes that telecommuting is not an overnight success. It is important to pay attention to whether the underlying conditions are mature before discussing whether telecommuting is the future of the work system.MAO Daqing, founder and chairman of Urwork, believes that telecommuting has put forward four new requirements for managers: first, new performance management ability; second, the ability to fully delegate power and manage flexibly; third, the ability to make employees fully feel the sense of belonging and culture of the enterprise; fourth, the ability to make good use of AI management tools.Emerging technology and product innovations are also supporting and guiding telecommuting.Li Zhifeng, vice president of Tencent enterprise wechat and head of ecological cooperation, said that the origin of enterprise wechat is what the real needs of enterprises are.Whether telecommuting or daily digital construction, focus on the value of “connectivity”.Many telecommuting tools can cause a loss of presence, which can further lead to psychological and emotional problems for workers.Simple psychological vice President, psychological consultant Chen from the psychology Angle, illustrates the individual from initial contact to accept telecommuting three stages: produce novelty and expectation of excitement period, gradually appear fretted and irritancy, gooey period, change and improve the reconstruction period, remote office and home office will often cause working and living space and time boundary disappear.In the context of the epidemic, psychological problems, social problems and family relationships, especially the psychological problems of teenagers, caused by long-term working at home and taking online classes, deserve more attention.”Telecommuting is not just a job site so simple, but the paradigm of omni-directional change means work, we should change our ideas in a timely manner, actively push forward the application level, the working system of the level of exploration”, Yang Jian said that in the future, tencent institute will also continue to in-depth academic and industrial practice, the deep investigation, condensed wisdom,For the “long range wave” that will eventually come.(Siwen) Source: Guangming net