Girls who laugh don’t have too much luck

2022-08-01 0 By

When they are madly in love, lovers often sigh what virtue they accumulated in their previous life;After marriage, couples often wonder what SINS they committed in their previous lives.You are not a child, smart, do not ask everything clearly, because the answer is not always what you want.From the beginning of nothing, to the end of the year penniless, I am me, not the same color fireworks, looking at their own fire.Wish good or bad you can carry clear, is the person is the dog you can distinguish, can be sensitive but don’t hypocritical, nothing is worth your hardship life.Life is not only the immediate subsistence, there are houses that can not afford to buy, and do not raise wages.With most people’s relationship to the end is: only go flow not heart.Social status now: Friends of life and death are everywhere, and there is no one in the same city to have dinner with.Life is either this or that, but it’s not what you think.Girls should not go out alone at night, it is really dangerous, full of barbecue night snack dessert, no one can not help but enter a house, will grow several catties.A girl who likes to laugh can’t have too bad luck, but I wonder how a girl can laugh if she has bad luck all the time.​​​​