Skip rope every day for 20 minutes. After two months, these four “surprises” will find you. Don’t be lazy

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As people’s health consciousness constantly strengthen, and a lot of people to shape the attention also rise, the method reducing weight is also emerge in endlessly, someone will be on a diet to lose weight, while others will take diet pills to lose weight, but we also know that these two kinds of method reducing weight is not an option, not only have no effect, easy to rebound, and also very hurt body, however,Most people still choose to lose weight through sports, after all, sports and fitness will not have any side effects, and will not easily rebound, the general common weight loss exercise, swimming, running and skipping, among them, after comparison found that skipping is the most effective, easy to implement and the lowest threshold of a kind of exercise.For a long time, jump rope for us, it is a simple sport, from the beginning, when I was a student learns to rope skipping, like running, jumping rope without any space limitation, can start anytime and anywhere, it is worth mentioning that explodes the red rope skipping law reducing weight also is a lot of stars and do one of the ways to promote fitness guru, and a lot of people insist on a period of time,Also basked in the comparison that gave before and after reducing weight, really difference is very big.Visible, want you to have the heart that reduce weight only, and be willing to insist to skip rope every day 20 minutes, after a month, besides let you become thin besides, still can have these 4 “surprise” change to look for go up you, nevertheless, still want to remind everybody: must not be lazy, do not have the effect otherwise but do not throw pot in disorder.Although skipping is also very tired, but as long as you insist on it, after a month, you will find that your weight has changed, not only that, skipping is a systemic aerobic exercise, therefore, when you skip, with the continuous swing of the arm, at the same time,Your shoulder muscles and the muscles in your arms engage your back muscles, plus, during the jump, the muscles in your hips and legs.As breath abdominal muscle also can appear contractive and relax, combine aerobic exercise and anaerobic exercise, can achieve very good effect reducing weight can exercise the muscles of the whole body again already, it can be said that kill many birds with one stone.Both men and women, once over the age of 25, the body’s muscles will lose at a rate of 1% to 5% per year, which means that after muscle loss, the skin will not be supported, will become flabby, promoting the decline of skin elasticity, that is, the trend of aging.If you can skip 20 minutes every day, after a period of time, you will find that the figure curve are better, the skin becomes tight, because the rope not only can burn fat, but also can exercise the muscle, to solve problems in age and lead to muscle wasting, will also increase your muscle, let a figure look more stylish and also more smooth lines,Play a very good shaping effect.Three, help to improve the mood in the process of jumping rope, will stimulate our brains secrete dopamine, which is a can make us get excited nervous system of material, so, when the dopamine levels in the blood increases, changes in plants could also became more at ease, our mood is beneficial to keep a good state of mind, have certain help to adjust the negative emotions,It can also help with depression.Four, protect cervical lumbar either school or office workers party experience every day for a long period of time a sedentary, the various parts of the body will appear aching feeling, especially the oppression to place such as cervical lumbar, in the long run, there will be damage, if we can take 20 minutes to skip a day, accelerate the blood circulation, relieve physical fatigue,Once the blood is flowing, the body will get better and better.Since, we also know that skipping this sport fat burning effect is better, then, it is necessary to act quickly, weight loss is to “shut up, take legs”, however, skipping sports focus on weight loss is to have a good rope, but do you know how to choose a suitable rope for their own skipping?Skipping rope selection is wrong, not only get twice the result, and jumping always stumbling, hit the body is also easy to make people’s mentality collapse, therefore, there is a suitable for their own and efficient rope can achieve twice the result with half the effort.Most people are used to “rope skipping”, but “rope skipping” is the most suitable for weight loss and muscle gain!Cordless rope skipping is a traditional and novel sport skipping rope, it can record your skipping times, skipping time, but also record the calories you consume in the process of exercise, and countdown, counting and other modes to choose, so that you can change the pattern of movement at the same time can also record their own movement.See so many advantages of rope skipping, can not help but want to lose weight?However, there are many types of rope on the market, multifarious do not know how to choose, so, today here to recommend a count of their own rope skipping to you.1, new built-in bearing design, fast rotation rope;2, LED HD display, free conversion of four data, motion data effect is more obvious;3. Thick rope skipping, wear-resistant and durable, fearless of various ground challenges;4, cordless rope skipping gravity ball holding, fat reduction special, double the effect;5, the handle adopts ABS environmental protection material, comfortable grip and anti-slip.Cordless skipping is not restricted by the site, and is not easy to cause sports injury, safer than rope;Cordless rope skipping can record your skipping times, skipping length, burning calories and so on, so that you can keep track of your own exercise situation, so that your exercise is more scientific.And the rope skipping will not touch the ground, but will not hit yourself or be tripped by the feet, no longer need to worry about the noise, be downstairs complaints!If you are still not used to rope skipping, then it doesn’t matter, this style with rope and cordless double use, to meet your two needs!Also suitable for junior high school sports, accurate and reliable counting, whether you are training or fitness counting is no problem, parents and children training together!Compared with traditional rope skipping, cordless style is more free from space and time restrictions, jump whenever you want, more data and App to plan the allocation of physical energy, no pay, no return, less than the money of a meal, can let you achieve the dream of weight loss, want to lose weight first move!For friends, click the link below to purchase ↓↓↓‍