Strengthen the defensive line of “heart” while fighting the epidemic

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“Hello, we are psychological volunteers from the Epidemic Prevention and control Headquarters of Zhonglou District…”Ten psychological volunteers have been answering phone calls in a conference room on the second floor of the Bell Tower district government office since May 25.Every day, here will pick up more than 1000 phone calls, to the end of the telephone connected to the clock tower area in different ground isolation hotel of a citizen, a connecting area epidemic prevention and control command, control, isolated information guide, unlock notification and psychological counseling advice through the waves to constantly in all directions, force win the epidemic prevention and control for annihilation build the “heart” of defense.Not long after the outbreak began, the district Party Committee and the district government realized that the prevention and control work should “run ahead of the virus”. The arrival of the epidemic not only threatens the public’s physical health, but also seriously affects people’s mental health. Humanistic care is an important part of winning the battle.Shen Dong, party secretary of the district, said psychological counseling must be included in the epidemic prevention and control work, and psychological assistance should be provided in a scientific, standardized and orderly manner.On March 25, seven volunteers from changzhou Mental Health Association and three from Changzhou Shengming Psychological Counseling Center entered the Bell Tower District government, working from 8 a.m. to midnight every day.Zhu Jian, secretary general of changzhou Mental Health Association, led the team, who had recently undergone heart surgery in Beijing. This time, he still led the team and volunteers to eat and live together, taking on some “heavy work” that required repeated counseling.Under her leadership, 10 volunteers answered and made phone calls around the clock, passing warmth to people in remote isolation in Belfry.Aunt Liu, who is more than 60 years old, is a resident of xixinqiao Sancun. She stayed in the isolated hotel alone and felt wronged. She also felt depressed after having suffered a stroke.After Zhu Jian called her on the phone, he could feel her grievance. “She said that she was negative for nucleic acid seven times, and she didn’t know why she was sent to the hotel for isolation. She wanted to ask someone, but Baymax didn’t understand.”Originally, Liu aunt hometown in northern Jiangsu, a very strong local accent, and she is not quite understand Mandarin, communication is more difficult.Zhu Jian had learned some Subei dialect due to her work, so she talked with her aunt on the phone in three dialects (Subei Dialect, Changzhou Dialect and Mandarin), and gradually shortened the “distance” with her aunt by understanding the situation and analyzing the causes of empathy.”I told her and her group that the oldest was 87 years old and that when she was in good spirits but had bad teeth, she relaxed and said, ‘My teeth are fine.'”More than 20 minutes of phone, aunt eased the mood, opened the knot.Today, Aunt Liu unsealed, she also called Zhu Jian to thank him.Zhu jian told reporters that 10 volunteers use their own mobile phones every day to make and receive calls, which is to facilitate the other party can contact them at any time, once there is an emergency can be timely psychological intervention.Because of this, everyone gets calls late at night and early in the morning, and is working almost 24 hours a day.Mr. Zhang, a family of three, is a resident of Xi Xinqiao Second Village. The child is in the second year of junior high school. Because he was hurriedly sent to the isolation hotel, the child only took a schoolbag and did not have time to sort out more study books.In the isolated hotel, because the Internet is not good, the online class is also very slow, resulting in the child’s lack of concentration, often play games.For this Mr. Zhang heart very annoyed, very anxious.When volunteer Liu Hui started making phone calls, Mr. Zhang became very emotional and asked for the early release of the seal.Liu Hui first told him the same group of isolated a lot of people, if the early release of the problem once the consequences can not be imagined, followed by Liu Hui from the perspective of parenting and Mr. Zhang launched a discussion, put forward some targeted suggestions, and encourage him to children should be an example, to learn to tolerate, learn how to correctly face difficulties.Before hanging up the phone, Liu Hui said she would record Mr. Zhang’s appeal and report it to the relevant person in charge.The next time I contacted Mr. Zhang, he had calmed down.”He told me that when he saw my number on his mobile phone, he felt that someone in his family still cared about him and there was no ‘lost contact’ with the district epidemic prevention and control headquarters.”Liu hui said that after several times of counseling, Zhang has come out of the psychological shadow, and now he and his son dance to the video in their hotel room every day to regulate their emotions and gain confidence.Few people know that Liu Hui, an insurance company employee who is about to retire, has taken a leave of absence to volunteer.After two days of intense work, Liu hui’s teeth were so inflamed and painful that she ate only a small bowl of rotten noodles on Sunday, even though she made nearly 300 phone calls a day.What impressed gao Yuxia, the volunteer, was a woman named MAO from a unit in Xihengjie.”When I contacted Ms. MAO, she was very emotional and repeatedly said that we did not understand her pain and scolded me.”Gao Yuxia to Zhu Jian reflected the situation of Ms. MAO, two people assess Ms. MAO psychological pressure is too big, in need of psychological assistance.So Zhu Jian took over the case.Guided by her, MAO said what she was worried about: “We didn’t have direct contact with the grandfather who picked up the children, so we didn’t need to be sent to the isolation hotel.”In the conversation, Zhu Jian sensed that Ms. MAO’s cognition had deviated, so he adjusted her.Zhu Jian patiently told her that although there is no close direct contact with the body, she also belongs to the screening of space-time companion, the existence of “space-time overlap” and may be infected with space-time companion group included in the key investigation, can achieve early detection and prevention and control pass forward.While chatting, Ms. MAO gradually stabilized her mood. After learning that Zhu Jian was a psychological consultant, she became a friend with Zhu Jian without saying anything.Chen Xiaosong, 24, a student at Anhui Medical University, was the youngest of the volunteers. Shortly after the paper arrived on 25, he solved the problem of sorting materials for the team.What impressed Zhu jian more was that no matter what kind of phone call he received, this “young man” was always calm, with stable emotions and positive words.Volunteerism continues to spread through radio waves written by Tong Huagang Contributed by Tang Wei Clock Tower