Surprise!Taishan team in the past two major achievements of the main official left the first team, the new trend has been exposed

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A few days ago, according to the media person Xu Kaihua reported that two famous taishan students Zhou Haibin and Han Peng will go to Luneng football school to coach, formally led by the head coach of the team.Wang Qiang, another former taishan player, has also gone to teach at the football school, which many fans are pleased to see.Because luneng football school has these three tigers, the team’s youth training strength and quality will certainly improve a grade.It is well known why Luneng can always rank among the champions in the Chinese Super League, which mainly depends on the continuous transmission of talents from the football school behind.Zhou Haibin and Han Peng are luneng youth training out of the players, Zhou Haibin is 85 age outstanding, performance is also noteworthy.Before he was 18, Zhou haibin starred for both China and Luneng and played for China in the 2004 Asian Cup.After helping Luneng win the Chinese Super League and FA Cup, Zhou chose to join European giants PSV Eindhoven.Such a prominent football experience, let Zhou Haibin retired after being treated well.Taishan team directly promoted Zhou Haibin to the first team, and gave the position of assistant.Zhou haibin studied alongside the famous coach Hao Wei and then prepared to become an excellent head coach.Han Peng and Zhou Haibin similar situation, but also belongs to the root of the Luneng Miao Red youth training outstanding.Han Peng originally played centre back in Luneng, but changed to centre forward at the suggestion of the coaching staff.Did not expect Han Peng in the change to play center, ushered in the outbreak in the game.Han Peng became luneng’s champion and best scorer, and also played in the main force of the national team.The highlight of Han Peng’s national brand career is to represent the 85 national Olympic Games.At that time, Han Peng had a remarkable performance in the competition, almost becoming the first Chinese player to score in the Olympic Games match.Han Peng is like Zhou Haibin after retirement into the coaching staff, became hao Wei’s right-hand man.Zhou Haibin and Han Peng were instrumental in taishan winning the Chinese Super League and fa Cup last season.So in this case, Zhou Haibin and Han Peng still want to leave the first team, to coach football school, really surprised many fans.However, Luneng fans can understand the team’s decision, after all, the youth training is the foundation of the team’s development.Luneng echelon zhou Haibin, Han Peng, Wang Qiang and other famous coaches, the team will emerge more young talents.Wang Qiang is taishan team meritorious central defender, he will be responsible for the first team to transport a few good central defender seedlings.Zhou Haibin is taishan team commander, he is responsible for luneng first team training super league players.As for Han Peng will become taishan center star bole, let them provoke as soon as possible.Hope these names can help taishan team youth training to upgrade a grade, really become the core of the team.