The blood from cupping, the toxins in the body?To tell you the truth, reading increases the knowledge

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“One minute you were talking and laughing and then suddenly you weren’t breathing. It was so scary.”The shaken cupping master described the situation to the doctor.Mr. Wang, 70, felt abdominal discomfort a few days ago, so a friend recommended him to go for cupping and introduced him to a health care physical therapy shop.Uncle Wang has long heard that cupping therapy is good, but he has never tried it. He went to a physiotherapy shop on the recommendation of his friend.Little do they know, a disaster is quietly coming to him.During the treatment, Uncle Wang also chatted with people in the store, talking and laughing.But after a while, he suddenly lost consciousness.After medical examination, it was learned that Uncle Wang had heart disease and had undergone heart surgery.Unfortunately, the doctor tried his best but failed to wrest Lord Wang from Lord Yan.The doctor explained to his family regretfully that not all pain are suitable for cupping, and careless later, may delay the treatment of the disease, but also may pose a threat to their lives.Uncle Wang’s story is deplorable, and cupping has become a hot topic of debate.Some people say that cupping can not cure the disease, some people say that cupping suction blood, is the toxin in the body, can detoxify beauty.The jury is still out on who is right and who is wrong.So what exactly is cupping?Today, xiao Miao will have a good talk with you about cupping this matter ~ a, why can cupping cure?Cupping therapy has a long history in China, according to the research of cultural relics.In ancient times, The Chinese have been able to use the horns of animals to make tube cupping utensils, the main role is to suck the pus and blood inside the wound and treatment.Cupping at that time was called “Angle method”.Traditional Chinese medicine believes that cupping can dredge the meridians and regulate qi and blood.The meridians have the function of “practicing qi and blood, ying Yin and Yang, Confucian tendons and bones, benefiting joints”. If the meridians are blocked and qi and blood are not smooth, there may be skin, flesh, tendons, veins and joints atrophy due to the loss of nutrition.Through cupping, the skin, pores, meridians and acupoints of the human body can play the role of suction and extraction, so that qi and blood access, meridians comfortable, the whole body qi and blood access without obstruction, body pain can be reduced or disappear.Meridian qi and blood access to human health, if the imbalance of Yin and Yang, meridian qi disorder, qi and blood circulation is not smooth, will lead to the occurrence of various diseases.Modern medicine believes that there are two main principles of cupping treatment, one is the principle of vacuum negative pressure, cupping can lead to local skin congestion, capillary dilatation, to adjust the local blood supply, improve the whole body blood circulation.Second, the cause of its own hemolysis, cupping can make the capillaries at the adsorption site rupture, leading to local blood coagulation, the occurrence of its own hemolysis.Mild hemolysis has a benign stimulation process, which can enhance the body’s immune capacity and improve the body’s ability to fight diseases.Two, cupping out of the blood, is the toxin in the body?After cupping, different people will leave different color marks, many people think that this is the performance of detoxification, so, the blood sucked out of cupping are toxins?Zheng Guangliang, president of Xiamen Bright Orthopaedic Hospital, explained: After cupping, remove the cupping, and the general physiotherapist will tell you that the darker the color, the heavier the moisture in your body, and even there will be blisters of different sizes.Most people agree with this statement, but the fact is not so.Marks are created when capillaries in the skin are squeezed by cupping.Why some person color is deep, some person color is shallow, some person still can appear blister?Mainly because everyone’s body constitution is not the same, some people wool blood vessels are thicker, not so easy to rupture, so the color is lighter.Blood capillary of some people is weaker, use cupping a bit to pull, color is darker, and still appear possibly blister.The changes of nerves, blood vessels and blood flow in various parts of the human body are different. In addition, the roughness of the skin, the size of cupping suction and the length of cupping time will affect the skin color of cupping site.Therefore, the depth of color after cupping is not the accumulation of toxins, but the body’s normal response.Three, four misunderstandings of cupping, how many do you step on?Cupping is a traditional technique of Traditional Chinese medicine, which was first recorded in “Fifty-two Prescriptions for Diseases”. The main function of cupping is to build on the basis of negative pressure and warm heat.Cupping is welcomed by many people. It is wrong to want cupping when there is a little trouble with your body.Many people think that taking a bath after cupping is very comfortable. In fact, this is wrong.After cupping, the skin will be congested, the pores of the skin are still open, and taking a shower immediately will easily make the body cold.The correct approach is to take a bath 1-2 hours after cupping, and the water temperature should be slightly higher.Many people think that they just pull out where they feel uncomfortable. This is also wrong.The apical impulse in the chest is not suitable for cupping.Local skin burns, ulcers, infections, and tumor sites are not cupping.Pregnant women in cupping to avoid the abdomen and lumbosacral, to avoid abortion.Misunderstanding three: the longer the better do not think that the longer the time to leave the pot, the better the effect, some people think that cupping to appear blisters, the effect is reached, this is wrong.Prolonged cupping can cause blisters, which can damage the skin and lead to infection.According to acupuncture science, cupping can cure all diseases. The indications for cupping mainly include waist, neck, shoulder and leg pain, rheumatism, cough, stroke, herpes zoster, dysfunction and other diseases.In addition to the prevention of disease, health protection, relieve fatigue and other effects.Cupping is widely used, but cupping is a cure-all.As the saying goes, the effect of cupping is also limited, must not be “deified”.Four, cupping, not everyone is suitable for this kind of person don’t blindly follow cupping therapy of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) is a common way of health care function also is more, can rise to adjust the body balance of Yin and Yang, relieve fatigue, enhance physical fitness function, you can even lose weight, but cupping therapy is the matters needing attention, and not all the people are suitable for cupping.Chengdu Second People’s Hospital Zhang Suying said: the body is weak, weak people, people with poor personal tolerance, older people, such people may be more sensitive to the pain of cupping, may not be able to withstand the stimulation of cupping, causing health risks.There are heart disease, blood disease and severe skin allergy or skin scabies and other infectious diseases should not be cupping, tuberculosis and a variety of infectious diseases, cancer, fracture patients should not be cupping.Cupping is not suitable for pregnant women and women during menstruation.Cupping can be used as a way to relax and health care in life, but remember not to treat it as the only means of disease, when the body appears discomfort, should be timely seek medical treatment to find out the cause.In the choice of cupping, we must also do a good job of understanding in advance, to see whether their own constitution is appropriate, choose the right method, to avoid unnecessary damage.[1] “Cupping” is very popular in the Olympic Games! Do you know why cupping can cure diseases?Xiangyang Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine. August 11, 2016 [2] “Stasis of cupping is not Accumulation of toxin”[3] “Attention! Cupping to avoid 6 Cognitive misunderstandings ~”.Shanghai Ninth People’s Hospital