The wife sends indecent photo to strange male, the husband discovers hind show public, the wife: you leave some face to me

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Marriage between husband and wife without money is not terrible, as long as the efforts can be earned back, but not without trust, once lost trust, it is difficult to get back.Even if it does, it will leave a permanent indelible scar deep inside each other, the slightest mistake will be torn.Yang Li and Wang Jianyun is a good example, I hope that the things between their husband and wife, can play a warning role for us, always want to know their identity, stand good “marriage” every post.Yang li spent her days doing nothing at home and picked up her mobile phone to chat with others, but forgot about her marriage, chatting vaguely with strange men and sending them indecent photos.How does Yang Li refuse to admit his fault in the face of the fact, it is to give strange man cover, wang Jianyun angrily burst the scandal of his wife.Yang Li and her husband Wang Jianyun have been married for five years. They are very close and have never blushed. Therefore, their neighbors speak highly of their husband and wife.So a pair of husband and wife, suddenly quarreled, see posture is not intended to pass, hit the house beyond recognition, neighbors have come to intervene, incidentally also probe after all, the “model husband and wife” in their mind how can fight greatly?Wang Jianyun’s “trust” to Yang Li vanished into thin air…Emotional, Wang collapsed on a sofa, crying: “I will find him even if he takes me to prison for two years,” while Yang li sat at the foot of the sofa with her head in her hands.Originally Yang chat with a man named “beam” be jian-yun wang found, the reason that he would be so emotional reaction, because chat content beyond the boundaries of a friend, Yang li back to the other party to send your photos, the other is the same also to Yang li, more let he can spirit, Yang li since also saved into the mobile phone photo albums.Yang Li said that her necklace was robbed a few days ago, the surname liang is a police officer, to help her find the necklace, she in order to repay each other, invited each other to drink tea once, then added the contact information, usually two people chat, as for those chat content Yang Li only one explanation “I have nothing to do with him, we are innocent.”This time combined with these chat content and photos, if you were anyone, you would not believe, think they have something to take for granted, Wang Jianyun said to Yang Li: “If really innocent, you call him and his wife to our house, I will face to face,” but Yang Li refused.Jian-yun wang, only to find themselves, he went to Yang li alarm of the police station at the time, he asked a lot of people after the past, all say there is no this man, he took out a surnamed liang’s phone number to police work, check that all their contacts no this man, station is a few months have no robbery case.Wang Jianyun is more angry at this time, he decided to go home to find Yang Li, must find this surname liang.The work unit also went, confirmed that there was no necklace robbed this thing, Yang Li and fabricated another set of lies to Wang Jianyun.Yang Li said her necklace was actually cheated by others, she did not dare to say to Wang Jianyun, only worried that he blamed himself, the necklace is indeed surnamed Liang the police to help her find, Wang Jianyun asked her where this person, she chose to remain silent.Wang Jianyun did not believe Yang Li’s words, no matter how she fabricated the story, but she would not bring the man surnamed Liang in. Furious, Wang Jianyun showed the chat content and photos to everyone in front of everyone, just to make Yang Li look stupid.Her mobile phone not only have their own photos, but also save the photo of the man surnamed Liang, the content of the chat between them is beyond the bottom line of friends, Wang Jianyunfelt Yang Li and their behavior, for him is a great shame.Wang Jianyun said they married so many years, never looked at Yang Li’s mobile phone, this time or he took Yang Li’s mobile phone to play games accidentally found, he has always believed that Yang Li is loyal to him, his friends often joke that such a beautiful wife is not afraid of being kidnapped?”My wife is not that kind of person,” he would say proudly.Now Yang Li did such a thing, so that he could not hold up his head in front of his friends, but also feel that Yang Li trampled on her dignity, so he must find this person no matter what.He came to the police station again, but this time he directly find the director, he wanted to directly report the police surnamed Liang, the director checked the system did not have this person, and finally found the man in the list of scouts, but he does not belong to the public security Bureau, this man belongs to the street office of temporary workers.Finally found this time, he hopes to find out the truth, and both of them, the Yang clown came out, can give yourself an apology, restore some dignity to himself, but to find the man after he found that basically is Yang wishful thinking, the other is only a little meat in their early 20 s, Yang li he nearly 20 years.This man is called liang Jing. One of his neighbors works in the police station. Liang Jing has a van, which he sometimes uses when the police station is busy.One day Liang Jing neighbor let him help Yang Li pulled to the police station, they are so know, Liang Jing said: “Yang Li necklace lost with him, worried about Wang Jianyun blame her”, he and Yang Li is a friend, care about each other is reasonable things, also asked her not to quarrel with her husband.Liang Jing mouth only say these, he said to Yang Li ambiguous words he vetoed, determined not to say, but he did not expect is that at this time Yang Li’s mobile phone is installed in Wang Jianyun’s pocket, and all records are saved on the phone.It seems that Liang Jing’s mouth is as hard as Yang Li’s. Wang Jianyun asked Liang Jing to go home with him and confront Yang Li.To wang Jianyun home they two people still have a kind of you ask me to answer, feel everything is so tight, two people answer each word is so flowing, now the Liang Jing still don’t know the mobile phone thing, he may feel Yang Li early to those things to delete it.After taking the door two people resemble on the stage say crosstalk, beam: “have I come to your home?”Yang: “No”, Liang: “DO I have a relationship with you?”Liang: “no”, one is funny, one is funny, but these in wang Jianyun’s eyes are just a play on the spot, he doesn’t care about these.Wang Jianyun took out a mobile phone with Liang Jing said, I put the voice in the mobile phone to listen to you, you listen to is not his words, Liang Jing surface calm of say, you take out, then immediately lit a cigarette, obviously some guilty pretending to calm down.Voice a ring, his brow a tight, take a deep smoke to pretend to listen carefully, after putting wang Jianyun asked him: “is this you?”He said uncertainly: “I don’t think I have said this,” instantly looked at Yang Li, Yang Li replied: “This is what you said, last time you said to find me a husband.”Liang Jing’s expression actually betrayed him, and Yang Li said it was his own words. He pretended to be uncertain and said, “I remember, it seems I said it.”Wang Jianyun heard Liang Jing personally admitted these, also said I do not pursue your relationship, I now ask you how to do, since you provoked me, that is about to give me a thorough solution to the matter, or later to you good-looking.Liang Jing is also wise, with Wang Jianyun made a sincere bow apology, claiming that he is joking with Yang Li, wrong, open, but Wang Jianyun also really do not want to pursue, if really want to go to the bottom, joke has this open?This also shows wang Jianyun’s attitude to Yang Li, he is not going to be with Yang Li, so it doesn’t matter, he has been completely care about.Afterwards Yang Li said she would repent and want to live with Wang Jianyun, wang Jianyun said he would consider it.I don’t know if wang Jianyun will believe Yang Li again after such a blow.So the trust established between husband and wife, we must cherish the maintenance, if once lost it is difficult to come back, Wang Jianyun is now also very tangled whether to accept Yang Li, if he accepted, I think this injury in his heart for a lifetime also lingering.