Xinxiang Banking and Insurance Supervision Branch: guided the banking institutions within its jurisdiction to successfully issue the first “specialized and special new loan” in Henan Province

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Small and medium-sized enterprises (smes) are the fresh force of innovation, playing an extremely important role in accelerating the solution of the “bottleneck” problem and the process of “fixed chain, complementary chain and strong chain”.To help high-quality specialization, “new” small and medium enterprises development, xinxiang silver protects inspect bureau to actively guide facility banking financial institutions earnestly implement regulatory department under the State Council issued the support of high-quality specialization, “new” small and medium enterprises development guidance, specialization, “new” small and medium-sized enterprises and small and mid-sized enterprise strategy as the key customers and key visit object, continue to intensify credit support,We will give priority to supporting small and medium-sized enterprises (smes) in increasing their input in innovation, promoting innovation in key technologies and the industrialization of core achievements, and encouraging more smes to embark on the path of specialized and innovative development.Under the continuous supervision and guidance of Xinxiang Banking And Insurance Supervision Sub-Bureau, Zhongyuan Bank Xinxiang Branch successfully landed the first “specialized and special new” loan in Henan Province on March 31, 2022.Xinxiang Branch of Central Plains Bank issued a working capital loan of 3 million yuan to a specialized new customer within the jurisdiction of Xinxiang. This business is the first “specialized special new loan” business in Henan Province after the introduction of the Department of Industry and Information Technology and the launch of “specialized special new loan” products in various banks, reflecting the accurate, fast and precise “Xinxiang speed”.The bank of the central plains, xinxiang to “ability style construction year” activities, and communities in all initiated since January 2022, specialization, “new” small and medium-sized enterprise special can assign action, open the specialization, such as new type kechuang enterprise credit and marketing work list system actively, at the same time relying on recent xinxiang silver protects inspect bureau to organize different “governor into thousands of enterprises” to carry out activities,Go to the grass-roots level, enter enterprises, inquire about their needs, propose solutions, respond to what enterprises need, think about what enterprises want, focus on their needs and actual difficulties, provide active services, door-to-door services, precise services, and strive to improve the sense of financial acquisition and satisfaction of the majority of market subjects.Xinxiang Bank insurance Supervision Branch guided Xinxiang Branch of Central Plains Bank to cooperate with the head office to establish a number of security measures.For example, special personnel are assigned to post the whole process tracking and support services, opening up a special green channel for credit approval, simplifying the business process, and realizing immediate report and immediate review;We will actively use monetary policy tools, through internal fund transfer pricing, issue preferential policies for special pricing, give preferential discounts to the principal guarantee point of loans, and guide business units to increase the supply of “specialized and innovative” loans, so as to reduce the financing costs of enterprises.On the allocation of resources to increase support tilt, configure special marketing costs, improve the management system, improve the assessment and incentive constraint mechanism, perfect the disclaimer of due diligence, with specialized agency system, to build financial firms want to borrow, is willing to borrow at the grass-roots level of science and technology, China dare to borrow the innovative work situation, promote the financial resources to scientific and technological innovation and small and medium-sized enterprises.Since the launch of the activity this year, Xinxiang Branch of Zhongyuan Bank has achieved 25 new project approval, 73 active credit report accumulative total, 39 successfully approved credit line, the approved amount of 670 million yuan, for the small, medium and micro enterprises of science and technology to send “real money and silver”.Next, xinxiang silver protects inspect bureau will continue to urge the facility earnestly implement the banking financial institutions within the banking industry support, henan specialization, “new” small and medium-sized enterprises in the development of high quality guidelines “requirements, make clear further specialization,” new “the focus of financial services, and effectively improve the service system mechanism, financial services innovation characteristics,To assist xinxiang regional economic high-quality and sustainable development.