Don’t hold back!Shanghai has sufficient grain and oil reserves, and the proportion of the city’s emergency supplies has increased

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“Our edible oil reserves can meet the 15-day emergency supply guarantee in Shanghai. At the same time, when purchasing raw oil, we have always paid attention to the combination of long-term and spot procurement.In short, sufficient reserves, citizens do not need to hoard goods.”March 11, Shanghai Liangyou Haishi Oil Industrial Co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as Haishi oil) chairman, general manager Ma Weijun told reporters.Sea lion cooking oil processing line.Grain and oil reserves are sufficient, and cities have increased the proportion of varieties for emergency supplies.On March 11, the assembly line of edible oil was busy in the workshop of Shanghai Liangyou Haishi Oil Industrial Co., LTD.”Restaurants use a lot of soybean oil, and residents can choose from a wide range of varieties.And now there are a lot of different kinds of cooking oil.”Ma Weijun introduced that online consumption has increased significantly in the past two years, and consumers are advised to eat different types of oil to maintain a balanced nutrition.Edible oil package.Liangyou Group revealed that in terms of market supply, liangyou Group units focus on core industries such as warehousing and logistics, grain and oil processing and chain retail, establish and improve the whole industrial chain integrated emergency supply guarantee system, and strive to ensure the effective supply of grain and oil in Shanghai market.Since the resumption of work during the Spring Festival, liangyou Oil Group, Fuxin Flour Company and other production and processing enterprises have been working at full capacity to produce finished grain and oil to ensure adequate inventory.In addition to daily storage of finished flour, Liangyou Group has gradually increased the proportion of food varieties such as japonica rice to ensure the scale of Rice reserve in Shanghai and meet the demand of urban emergency supply.Intelligent and information-based supervision platform for Cereals and Oils Group.In addition, the friend group has established the intelligence technology platform, has realized the emergency of the emergency command scheduling, to strengthen the storage, processing, logistics, retail and so on each link of collaborative response quickly, improving emergency support capability, and strengthen the cohesion of grain and oil with the city emergency command system, to play a role of main channel of the guarantee for steady price.In terms of online consumption, Ding Dong Mai CAI revealed that currently, Ding Dong Mai CAI has made preparations for guaranteeing the supply of people’s livelihood commodities in advance.It is expected to supply 120 tons of meat and eggs and 120 tons of rice, flour and oil to Shanghai every day.On the one hand, Ding Dong Mai Vegetables has given priority to the supply of vegetables, pork, rice, noodles, grain and oil to the stations near the containment communities. The stock volume of basic livelihood food materials has reached 1.5-2 times of the daily amount, ensuring the stable price of essential goods in key areas.On the other hand, the pre-storehouse of Ding Dong Mai vegetables continued to strengthen a number of safeguard measures on the basis of the original epidemic prevention measures, including strict implementation of temperature detection for all staff, wearing masks throughout the work, and increasing the frequency of disinfection of personnel and equipment to ensure the safety of personnel and food.Some netizens said that shopping in Hema can not be delivered.To this end, the reporter learned from hema, Shanghai 65 hema stores are in normal business, relevant personnel have completed nucleic acid testing.To meet the real-time needs of epidemic prevention and control, some stores may have temporary control measures, and Hema will resume services in a timely manner under the premise of ensuring safety after completing testing.Relevant person in charge of Hema Shanghai region said that hema has made preparations to ensure the supply of basic livelihood commodities, significantly increase the order quantity of vegetables, and increase the frequency of store replenishment, to ensure the consumption demand of Shanghai citizens for fresh food.”For some closed communities, we set up non-contact pickup points to deliver daily supplies to residents in the communities.However, due to the surge of online orders, there may be a delay in delivery. Thanks to Shanghai consumers for their understanding and tolerance.”Nearly 500 Hema neighborhood stores in Shanghai are also operating normally. In the suburbs of the city and areas not yet covered by Hema stores, consumers can place orders one day and pick up the next day.Some Hema neighborhood stores have also begun to provide door-to-door delivery services to facilitate the elderly and other customers in need to buy daily supplies.