Nets lost harden didn’t lose?James Harden gives 13 scholarships to China kids!Fan: Quality idol

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On January 26, Beijing time, the Lakers’ road trip to the Nets, The trio came back to fit again, and Harden can only lead the team.The lakers beat the crippled Nets 106-96.Durant is out of the All-Star game because of his injury.Kyrie irving has fallen into his old habit of moonlighting and, alas, it’s harden running the team again.This is a totally exhausting rhythm!Today, we don’t talk about competition, let’s talk about Chinese elements!As we all know, The owner of the Nets, Joseph Tsai, is a Chinese. The Chinese New Year is coming, and the Brooklyn Nets are filled with New Year’s breath everywhere. If you don’t know, you still think it is in China!Couplets, red envelopes, Kung hei Fat Choi, everything!Search map editor and the biggest bright spot or we board elder brother!Before the game, Harden said on the big screen that he would be giving away 13 scholarships to Chinese students!Fan: Quality idol!He’s not super yet, but he’s a great guy off the court.”Harden actually has a good relationship with China. Harden was the first one to apologize for morey incident.”We apologize and we love China,” Harden said during a 2019 media interview in Tokyo, Japan, with teammate Westbrook at his side.”We love playing in China,” Harden continued. “We all go to China once or twice a year, and the Chinese fans show us the most support, so we’re very grateful for them…We thank them for their support.”China is known as a land of courtesy.When Harden was in China, yao Ming, the president of the Chinese Basketball Association, met him personally and hosted a banquet at the tallest building in Beijing (528 meters), including a Western chef, which was quite an extravagance that Kobe Bryant and Lebron James could not enjoy.And happy Harden has even had a cameo role in Beijing Opera!This point with C luo China travel has the same wonderful!Honestly, Harden is definitely one of the more China-friendly stars in the NBA!Although the Nets were avenged by the Lakers today, but Durant, Kyrie Irving, Joe Harris, Millsap and Young Duke are missing the game, leaving harden to play the big three.The Nets lost, harden didn’t lose!Hey, I don’t know if there is a team in the CBA (Qin Aunt, see you!How dare you bring Harden into the CBA?