Qin Fen live said he is just an ordinary person, netizens said he looks bad

2022-08-02 0 By

Qinfen livestream did not expect to cause so many netizens onlookers, mainly we are too curious about him, this person usually in the legend and Wang Sicong’s wealth can be on a par, but did not see him livestream, very not easy livestream, must go to have a look, by the way brush gift chat with him, ask a question of what.And Qin Fen has always given people a very cold feeling, always feel that he is too far away from ordinary people, because he is too rich, the body of a casual wearing are hundreds of thousands of millions, people startled.However, he was humble, polite and soft-spoken during the live broadcast, telling netizens that he was just an ordinary person.The net friend laughed, you that can be ordinary people?If you are an ordinary person, you can’t open a live broadcast or there won’t be so many people watching the live broadcast, let alone someone willing to brush 3000 carnival for you, you are just relatively low-key.Some people said that although Qinfen looked very humble, his face was not very good, and his skin was a little sallow, which should be related to staying up late.I heard that he likes playing games very much, often spend a lot of money to recharge, must usually not play games less, so that the body to tired out, so go on is not a good thing ah, pay attention to the future, less play games, the body recuperate, otherwise can not live, the net friends will miss him!Very interesting, Qin Fen live led to so many stories, a lot of people are really curious about him, still think he is particularly cold, not very considerate of the kind, but he is quite amiable.Is the color is not very good, as wang Sicong shining, should pay attention to maintenance!