Wenchang Civil Affairs Bureau carried out pre-festival visits to the needy people to send New Year’s greetings

2022-08-02 0 By

The 2022 Spring Festival is coming. In order to ensure that people in need can have a happy and peaceful Spring Festival, wenchang Civil Affairs Bureau has carried out a series of visits and condolence activities in recent days.In wenchang welfare homes, children on January 24th, wenchang, the relevant person in charge of civil affairs bureau visited the welfare to take care of children, a cordial conversation with the children, understand their body and life, and for the children and work, hard work of the institution staff sent caffeine arts, solatium and sincere greetings.It is understood that in recent years, wenchang, civil affairs bureau attaches great importance to children’s welfare and protection of the minors, perfecting the orphans and the fact that no one out raising children and children’s basic life security system, realization of children’s supervisor, director of the children of town and village complete coverage of the power of civil affairs at the grass-roots level, for the orphan and the fact no one raising children to create a good growth environment.Deng Dexiong, deputy director of Wenchang Civil Affairs Bureau, said, “Next, we will send New Year’s greetings to all the disadvantaged groups in the city, especially the people living on subsistence allowances. On the occasion of the arrival of the Year of the Tiger, we will send warmth to our Party and government and wish them good luck in the Year of the Tiger.”