Ice and snow sports are heating up fast

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Low dushanzi district ice rink, tianshan ski resorts, such as the grand canyon of dushanzi eight ice field oriented society open ice and snow more than 20 projects related to sports in addition to traditional skiing, skating, project, dushanzi area each big ice and snow sports venues around the Spring Festival and the games are also two themes to add a lot of entertainment project on February 10, early in the morning,The gate of the Donghu Zoo in Dushanzi district was crowded with parents and children who came to take part in an ice and snow family outing.Since the beginning of winter, ice and snow sports in Dushanzi district have become increasingly hot, and the successful opening of the recent Winter Olympic Games has stimulated the enthusiasm of citizens to actively participate in ice and snow sports.Since January 1, dushanzi district, including bingfeng Ski Resort, Tianshan Ski Resort, Dushanzi Grand Canyon, eight ice and snow sports venues open to the public more than 20 ice and snow related sports.Among them, specially designed ice and snow family tour is popular, attracting a large number of tourists from surrounding areas.Two tourists ski at Bingfeng Ski resort in Dushanzi district, southwest China’s Yunnan Province, Feb. 13, 2019.Children practice skates at swan Lake Skating Rink of East Lake Zoo.Chen Zeyu from Dushanzi District No. 6 Primary School, under the guidance of the coach, carefully learn skating knife movements.Like Chen zeyu, more and more children, under the guidance and encouragement of their coaches, put down their fears and gathered their courage to step on the ice.Cao Miaoqi, a nine-year-old girl, rode an ice bike to experience another kind of ice sport.In the calendar drawing classroom, the children carefully painted their wishes for the New Year.In order to better attract parents and children to participate in snow and ice sports, in addition to the traditional skiing and skating events, dushanzi district’s major snow and ice sports venues also around the two themes of Spring Festival and Winter Olympic Games, to attract children to actively participate in the fun of snow and ice sports.Winter Olympics knowledge quiz, parent-child snow circle competition, New Year’s wish poster production and a series of well-designed ice and snow parent-child travel entertainment projects, welcomed by parents and children in the East Lake Zoo;Bingfeng Ski resort has built new training slopes, purchased new snow equipment for children, hired new ski coaches, and actively carried out winter snow and ice research activities, which have been successfully held 42 times so far.Tianshan Ski Resort has opened four snowboard training classes specially for children, with the youngest student only 4 years old.Chen Jian, who brought her children to the trip, said, “The Beijing Winter Olympics are underway. It is very meaningful for children to participate in ice and snow sports here, learn the Olympic spirit, complete a self-challenge, help the Winter Olympics with practical actions, and cheer for The Chinese athletes.”Source: Karamay Daily all media reporter Lou Linyi correspondent Li Hongmei