New Asian dragon, new where?

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Asia Dragon — three years ago, as Toyota TNGA structure under the second model into China (the first model is yi Ze), by virtue of the domineer name, B+ level of the body, comparable to the quality of Lexus ES, the month on the market is over 10,000 units of sales, such monthly average sales has been maintained so far.It can be said that the Asian Dragon not only made a good start for FAW Toyota in 2019, but also made the TNGA architecture gradually become popular.Three years later, when The Asian Dragon came under the name of “brand new”, consumers and media were full of more expectations for it.However, when the new Asian Dragon was released on March 30, the author found that the new Asian Dragon still carries 2.0L and 2.5L matching CVT, and it is still the familiar 2.5L hybrid.Power system does not change, the appearance of the change is not big, according to the conventional understanding, this should not be a new model, can only be called a modified model.However, for faW Toyota, an old joint venture automobile company, which is always known for its rigor (and sometimes even looks conservative), since it has been given a “new” definition, what is its internal logic?The author then called faW Toyota southwest division minister Mr. Li Xiang, on the heart of the question for an interview.”In Toyota’s development, there is a difference between a new generation and a new one. If there is a change like powertrain, architecture, it is called a new generation.The life cycle of the new generation models is generally 4-8 years, and the Asian Dragon has been on the market for three years. It is also the 2.5L version, 2.5L hybrid version and 2.0L version that have been launched successively.Therefore, for FAW Toyota, according to the form of Toyota’s research and development and modification design, “New Asiatic Dragon” is neither a replacement nor a mid-term modification, but a small modification sequence of the product.That why a small modification sequence is called ‘new’ product, because it goes beyond the general general commodity small modification, not only involves the appearance of modeling and interior, in the dashboard components, electronic display screen, intelligent have made the product standard upgrade.For consumers, it’s not a replacement, but it’s more than a makeover with special fittings and minor modifications, and the annual brand new title is well known from manufacturing to marketing.”This logic can be seen from Mr. Li Xiang’s detailed reply:In Toyota’s research and development, there are research and development grades of upgrading, mid-term model change, big improvement and small modification, and the new Asian Dragon belongs to the category of big improvement, which is called “annual brand new” in product production and marketing. Then what is the so-called “big improvement” reflected in the famous and solid upgrade of product standard mentioned by Mr. Li Xiang?Seeing is believing. When I walked into the Bestseller Toyota exhibition hall, it happened that the new Asian Dragon had already arrived in the store, while the old Asian Dragon still had the last two cars for sale.From TSS to TSS2.5, the Toyota Safety Sense (TSS) Safety system is upgraded again, which best reflects the most important point in Toyota’s vehicle manufacturing logic — Safety and people-oriented.Toyota believes that a car without accidents is the safest car, and any accident will more or less bring losses and injuries to people and cars once it happens.Therefore, Toyota spared no effort to invest in the cost of active and passive safety, taking “all series standard configuration” as the key word, starting from the entry model Corolla, and of course, including the new Asian Dragon.Just like three years ago, the new Asiatic Dragon will come with TSS 2.5 as standard, which is another upgrade after TSS2.0:Such as under the TSS Asian dragon collision safety system of the old one can only identify to the vehicle ahead, TSS2.0 collision safety system can identify the vehicles and pedestrians ahead, TSS2.5 under the new Asian dragons of collision safety system can not only identify the vehicles and pedestrians, will also be able to identify in the daytime to bicycle, identify to vehicles and pedestrians at night,Avoid collision accidents while driving.Secondly, new intersection active brake, ESA emergency steering assistance.The old Asian Dragon ACC adaptive cruise needs to be used at the speed of 50km/h, but now 0-180km/h can be used, and in the state of ACC use also added curve deceleration function.In the past, the LDA could only monitor the departure route, but now it can also monitor the side of the road and add the center lane keeping function.We can see that the upgraded TSS2.5 is an evolution on the original functions, adapting to more detailed usage scenarios.To be sure, “technology” is no longer the most important factor in keeping ahead of competitors as countless tech companies flock to the automotive industry.However, under the framework of technology, how to make it more suitable for the needs, in line with the actual scene, to improve the ease of use and practicability of real car scenarios, which is also a test for car enterprises.Or that sentence: people-oriented, easier said than done.In addition to security, if we look at other changes, we have to say that they are similar.For example, the previous keyless entry can only be entered from the master driver, now the master and co-pilot can;In the past, there was only a USB port on the car, which could not support the new iPhone users to plug in the cable. Now, the new Asialong has a Type-C port and wireless charging function except for the 2.5L and 2.0L entry-level models.The vehicle-machine system is the same as the Baidu system of crown Land Radio, and the voice control function is faster.Except for the 2.5-L and 2.0-L entry-level models, the center control screen of other models has changed from 9 inches to 10.1 inches, and the physical buttons have been removed. The LCD instrument panel of some mid-to-high-end models has also been upgraded from 7 inches to 12.3 inches, which caters to the technological sense that young people are seeking.In addition, in appearance, before the intake grille, headlights, wheel hub for the slight change, body length from 4975 mm to 4990 mm, although these changes, can be hard to focus on the general consumer, but can see Asian dragons or through these changes, to further strengthen its flagship sedan temperament as B + level.When I was in the showroom of the dealership, a customer came to look at the car. When he saw the new Asian Dragon, the first question was: how much fuel consumption?Yes, in the context of the recent continuous rise in oil prices, the fuel economy of cars has become the primary concern of everyone.The official comprehensive fuel consumption of The Two engines is only 4.3L for 100 kilometers, and the double engines bring low fuel consumption, as well as the tranquility and smoothness of driving. These advantages make the sales of the two engines account for more than 40% of the whole Asiatic Dragon series.While the new Asia Dragon 2.5L dual engine top matching decreased from 289,800 to 279,800. Although the top matching model will not contribute much to sales, it is at least a means to improve the overall attention of the dual engine.Except for this top-matching model, the guide price of other models is almost the same as that of the old Asian Dragon. That is to say, the new Asian Dragon does not increase the purchase cost under the condition of intelligence, safety and configuration upgrade.This year is the biggest test year for FAW Toyota in recent years. For the first time, the annual sales hit one million units, and under the background of the poor external economic environment, the impact of the epidemic, and the further impact of new forces on the traditional automobile market.From the launch of the new Asian Dragon, we can also see the pace of Toyota to respond to changes in the domestic market, the pace is becoming faster and more positive.As an important model that has always accounted for more than 15% of faW Toyota’s sales, The launch of this new model has once again attracted market attention and stabilized the good market performance of monthly sales of more than 10,000, which will be particularly important for FAW Toyota to achieve the goal of one million vehicles.