“Open hanging” plate kill pure new dish!Famous schools + state-owned enterprises!The first offer is super realistic

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After the beginning of spring, the property market has begun to show a thriving situation.The end of the market volume, the registration end continued to go up, after the suspension of the key of Xi ‘an, real estate recovery earlier than expected.When the industry returns to normal, the opportunity to buy property appears, how should home buyers choose?NO. 1 | one anchor area value.This should be the impact of the first degree of property and asset layout of the core password.Driven by the urbanization process, Xi ‘an has formed a multi-center and multi-cluster layout, with the rapid rise of new blocks, among which Jinghe New Town is in the ascendant.The wind is visible at the end of the duckweed.Thanks to the high-occupancy planning to help regional development and the continuous accumulation over the years, jinghe New Town is also gaining momentum.Needless to say, the newly issued “Xi ‘an city” 14th Five-year Industrial Development Plan “mentioned in the spatial layout, gradually formed a” one core, three belts and multiple plates “spatial pattern, the future development goal of Xi ‘an is to achieve breakthroughs in the construction of advanced manufacturing strong city.”One core and three Belts” : refers to the core of culture, tourism and trade, high-tech industrial belt, advanced manufacturing industrial belt and cultural tourism industrial belt located in the center of urban space.Jinghe New City, as the “north Cross strategic core gathering area of Xi ‘an”, is located in the “advanced manufacturing industry belt”, which has gathered 112 heavyweight projects such as Longji Photovoltaic, Skyworth, CRRC Zhuzhou, Silk Road International Water Science and Innovation Park.Geographical location means that on the basis of maintaining a strong economic growth pole in the north of Xi ‘an, a central residential area with beautiful environment, perfect supporting facilities and comfortable living needs to be built.Figure source network | central living area in the northern part of the city and a map, but many, entirely different avenue south of east, west of zhengyang road area meet the conditions, can be a big xi ‘an in the north of central living area, sets up the human settlement cover.Finally, Renhe. The rapid development of Jinghe New Town has attracted vanke, Suntown, Longji Taihe, Jinhui, Gemdale and other domestic first-tier developers to settle in collectively.During this period, every inch of land in Jinghe New Town has become precious and more and more valuable, the highest floor price in the area has reached 8,451 yuan/square meters.With the improvement of regional form and the continuous introduction of industrial population, this rising star still contains value space that cannot be ignored.There is NO doubt that the outbreak of Jinghe New Town is an irresistible trend.At this time, the central residential area with the most livable property in Hualouzi area of Qujiang Ronghua, brings a masterpiece — Qujiang Ronghua · Xuefu City.As a residential product jointly created by the double brands of Qujiang Construction and Ronghua Holding, it inherits the high quality genes of the two housing enterprises and cultivates deeply in the past 12 years, relying on the strength of state-owned enterprises to create new regional living quality.For home buyers, behind Xuefu midtown is not only the security brought by the background of the state-owned developer, but also the “livability” that determines the value of the product.Located at the southwest corner of the intersection of Tea Ma Avenue and Yingzhou Third Street, it is located in the golden plate of the region. What we give back to the buyers here is a perfect supporting system.Figure | wisdom source network rail projects around the present three vertical and three horizontal layout, the traffic network planning and distance of rail site near at hand, also can be to xi ‘an and west salty plate and core business circle.The meticulous traffic network not only connects the plates, but also enables the sharing of urban resources.There is a complete 15-year education chain within 3 kilometers around the city.Third figure source network | many new school live all the way across the grounds from shanxi normal university conservatory hosted the third school, many new schools, as the door is the best model of “watched type education”, also collected many surrounding metro no. 1 middle school (xi ‘an middle school hosting), many huanggang school high quality education resources, etc.In the south is Jinghe Wetland Park with a planned total area of 13,000 mu, and in the east is jinghe Flower Sea and Yingzhou Park, etc. Advantagedecological resources highlight the livable property of the project.Figure source network | jing ‘an, international universal icon, ole park live not only is a super with ecological and education resources, distance chongwen tower, the scale of the jing an international ole park is just right.Here, the texture and level of life have been matched.Around the city of Qujiang Ronghua Xuefu are the city resources superposed with advantages, which is the ideal life close at hand.NO quality residential area can be built without the output of hard power.The first is the overall planning aspect of the project.The project covers an area of 53.81 mu, with a square plot and a plot ratio of only about 2.5. It has the innate advantage of building low-density residential buildings.However, unlike most of the current high and low projects, Xuexiu Midtown creates a low-density community with pure high-rise buildings.This decision will undoubtedly cause a loss of profits for the developer, but it has reduced the building density of the project to 19.6%, and the greening rate in the community to 35%. It is only for the exclusive use of 700 households, and it can provide more comfortable living experience for the buyers.The second is the design of architecture, landscape and public areas.Rendering | facade different from similar public outside elevation, to simplify the “water” abstract, as fuzzy buildings with natural boundary wave board outline border, graceful lines of motion by the flow of light, make the fluid architectural aesthetics, contracted and not simple.Figure source network | landscape sketch the whole community to build a “more than one axis courtyard landscape pattern, about 50 meters of the central landscape axis running through north and south gate, south axis set sinking square, in combination with three courtyards, administrative levels more rich.Rendering | project public area project pursuit of detail texture throughout the entire public area, the design of the double entry hall, both in terms of home garden or underground garage, are extremely home ceremony, enjoy private club matching high-end spheres of life.Finally, there is the Wang Fried service system.Ronghua Recreation service system project planning about 3000 square meters of recreation service center, to create a “recreation +” model, providing ten recreation services, is the only community in the region with a recreation center in the community.Rongxin Property, introduced by Xuefu Midtown, is a property owned by the developer, providing high-end butler services for owners by relying on five characteristic service systems and nine intelligent security systems.In the era of demand improvement, property buyers who pursue quality of life already know that high-quality assets are not only occupying superior locations, but also comprehensive research in brand services, park planning and other dimensions.Only the superposition of the advantages of the project, in order to achieve stability.NO. 4 | IV The ingenuity of the project is also permeated in the pursuit of every detail, and the refined life scenes can also be launched from this.In order to improve the living comfort of interior space, the project also made many attempts on products.For example, the indoor height of 3.15 meters is about 15 centimeters higher than the products on the market. The indoor vertical space has more tension, which also gives the indoor luxurious living comfort.Apartment expressive force is equally amazing.The building area is about 92 square meters, scientifically divided to create an open design, integrated design of dining and living room, independent entrance hallway, forming an all-access pattern.Rendering | south three bay, u-shaped kitchen, toilet to higher functions such as space toilet both quality sense and practicality.The building area is about 126 square meters, the overall width of the south surface is about 10.8 meters, so that the indoor lighting and landscape surface to maximize, far beyond the market similar products.Rendering | advocate lie to build the foundation of 7.2 meters wide in the balcony, living comfort is not ignored, south to the master bedroom luxury comfortable suites equipped with all bright advocate defend, cloakroom, etc.Of course, the standard hardcover delivery list of mansions in the middle city of the University is the expression of the life style of the elite class.The project adopts Xixian A standard, and the full-house high-specification hardcover customization, customized porch cabinet, fresh air haze removal system, range hood, kitchen, disinfection cabinet and other international first-line hardcover brands are adopted.Qujiang Ronghua Xuefu Midtown is not only creating a high-quality residence, but more importantly, providing buyers with a more cutting-edge lifestyle with its own insight and thinking on the market.END it is reported that the project record price has been publicized, will be launched 1-3#, the average record price is about 12,700 / square meters, the initial price is more surprise, interested fans can go to the sales department to know.