Students who want to get 600 points in the national college Entrance Examination (GAOKAO) should work hard.

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The examinee of the college entrance examination wants to test 600 points, must carry on the review correctly.Among the few limited opportunities you have to change your life, the college entrance examination must be one of them. For this important test, students need to work hard for 12 years.After more than 10 years of hard work, students can get the chance to take part in the college entrance examination. It can be said that this opportunity is hard-won for students.And students in order to test satisfactory results, in the study is definitely need to go all out.Students in 2022 are trying their best to dream of university in their hearts. After all, the countdown to the college entrance examination is getting less and less, and it will soon enter the time node with the beginning of six characters.This means that the class of 2022 candidates have entered a very important sprint stage, in the present for you candidates the most important thing is to strive to improve the score.The most important thing for examinees is to get a high score, and a teacher in charge also summed up a examinee who wants to get a score of 600, how to work hard.Lucky for 2022 students, a senior class teacher said that if you want to get 600 points in the gaokao, how should you work hard?For each examinee, the college entrance examination 600 points is certainly a common goal, examinee only took an examination of 600 points, then have an examination of a good 211 institutions of opportunity, and about how to take an examination of 600 points in the college entrance examination.There is a senior class teacher said, the college entrance examination 600 points is not easy but it is possible to lift the foot, only the examinee’s review method is correct, take an examination of 600 points is not so difficult as imagined.Take the examinee to understand the following, the teacher in charge of the summary of each section review method, the teacher in charge of the language test 110 points is not difficult, it is necessary for the examinee to master the review template of each part.Examinee mathematics want to test 120 points, need to focus on training the part of the basic questions, the last difficult problem can choose to give up, the teacher in charge of the English test 125 points is not difficult, as long as the examinee word pass, master the answer skills or can be easily achieved.English wants to reach 140 points that is very difficult, the examinee physics wants to test 80 points, the teacher in charge feels physics is very difficult, want to test 80 points is not easy.But the examinee diligently also can do, examinee needs to pay special attention to the foundation is very important, the last one finale question, even if examinee answers not to come up, also cannot not write, write a few formulas also can score.The teacher in charge thinks that it is not difficult to score 80 points in chemistry. Even if the difficulty of chemical knowledge is different at different stages, the examinee can recite, understand and practice more, so the examinee can also get out of the exam. The teacher in charge thinks that biology is not difficult.Candidates want to biology test 85 points is very easy, need candidates to do solid foundation should not be too difficult, after reading the teacher in charge of the summary, candidates should feel that there is a general direction, really feel that 2022 candidates have a blessing.The teacher in charge feels that 630 points are difficult to test in the college entrance examination, and 600 points are too difficult to test. As long as the basic points of each subject are taken.The result of that examinee can achieve 600 minutes of above, still summed up examinee want to take an examination of the college entrance examination 600 minutes how should work hard?What is the review key of each section.For candidates preparing for the college entrance examination stage, there is also a need to pay attention to the problem during the review method to be correct for candidates facing the preparation for the college entrance examination stage, in addition to the investment in the review time is a very important part of the examinee’s review method is also very important.Examinee review method to be correct, and find their own review method, if the method of the examinee is not correct, even if and classmates spent the same time to review, but also will open the gap.Should assure review efficiency examinee is reviewing during, efficiency also is the same important problem, examinee should assure the efficiency that reviews adequately, only the efficiency of examinee had assure.That in the same time review can review more knowledge points, those who can test high scores in the college entrance examination outstanding students, review efficiency is relatively high.To arrange good review time examinees in the review of every day, in order to make full use of the time, examinees should arrange good review time.Neither can appear to waste time, but also to set aside a certain appropriate relaxation time, appropriate rest, in order to higher efficiency into learning.Examinee preparation period is inseparable from doing the real question, after finishing the timely summary of examinee in preparation period is certainly inseparable from doing the real question, examinee is the need to brush the real question of the college entrance examination of different years, examinee do time can not only feel the degree of difficulty of the college entrance examination proposition.You can also see more different types of gaokao questions. Examinees will not know a correct answer to the wrong questions after finishing them.After the examinee finish, but also timely summary, mainly is to find out the reason for their mistakes, examinee solution only do more, will slowly open.The author wants to say: the three main subjects in the college entrance examination, the provinces and cities that carry out the same college entrance examination mode are basically using the national papers, and the examinees answer the questions uniformly.But the proposition of additional 3 subsidiary subject can have certain different, some is countrywide roll as before, but some province is undertake proposition autonomously.If it is independent to set the question, there will be a gap in the difficulty of the paper, examinee test 600 points of difficulty will be different.Topic of the day: Do you think you can get 600 marks in the exam according to the teacher’s summary?