What should we pay attention to when shooting high standard corporate promotional footage?

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The Beijing Winter Olympic Games are underway. I believe everyone is paying close attention to the events.One winter Olympics “Chinese wind” carrying Chinese culture spread, let the world see the great Chinese five thousand years of cultural confidence.The bright Chinese elements inside and outside the stadium will undoubtedly become the most exclusive mark and the deepest aftertaste of this grand event.At the Beijing Winter Olympics, every moment of the sporting events will be captured by motion cameras, especially those exciting moments and the heat of the event.Simply put, these images are instant shots of fast workouts captured by high-definition cameras.This kind of shooting method can also be used in the picture shooting of some creative enterprises’ promotional films, reflecting the cool of the objects being shot.So, what are the common problems in the shooting of motion pictures in the promotional films of creative enterprises?Below, Beijing film and television advertising xiaobian detailed shooting high standards of corporate publicity video movement shots need to pay attention to what?First of all, adjust the SHUTTER speed of SLR in the production of corporate publicity videos, it is necessary to adjust the shutter speed according to different shooting scenes, so that the camera shutter can quickly shoot the whole process of the object, which requires the photographer to adjust the camera camera in advance.It is important to note that if the SHUTTER speed of a DSLR is slow, of course the viewing Angle will be larger.If the operation is not very good, the interface will appear overexposure.The shutter mainly affects the sharpness of the picture by controlling exposure and motion.For example, the shutter speed required for breaking glass is 1/8,000 of a second, for skiing and ice skating is 1/50 of a second, and for sprints and long jumps is 1/250 of a second.Secondly, the fixed camera camera must be still, which is the general premise of shooting moving shots.From tripods to glass suckers, any interface is blurred by a slight shake.Finally, the accurate use of the camera camera has a lot of functions, only to understand which lens to shoot, how to adjust the camera function, so that the shooting of corporate publicity film can be very simple.According to the above detailed introduction, I believe that we have a certain grasp of the common problems when shooting high standard corporate promotional footage.In fact, shooting is to better the interface material pictures to the middle and late, shooting methods and other aspects also determine the actual effect of video post production, must be careful.In addition, Beijing Peach Blossom Valley film and television advertising xiaobian that the production of enterprise propaganda must have its own unique characteristics, only based on the original appearance of the enterprise can produce in line with their own most infectious corporate propaganda.Impress customers with the unique characteristics of the enterprise and let customers help the enterprise to carry out word-of-mouth publicity, which is the most appealing part of the publicity film.