Courageously beans “purify the mind” modest progress understand polite, old ancient praise, Gao Qian heart dark xu

2022-08-04 0 By

Star comics and dragon cartoon is the peak work in the winter and LAN LAN, awake in the anime bean classmates all sorts of magic operation emerge in endlessly, happy at the same time, also let us increase the knowledge, courageously beans “purify the mind” modest progress polite, old old, Gao Qian hidden in the dark, let us together into the comics, learn more wonderful content.Fendou’s trip to the countryside is coming to an end. His classmates miss him very much. I wonder if fendou will get rid of his bad habits this time.This day, the hard beans finally returned to the city school, now the hard beans shy many, but also learned to modest progress, it seems that his heart is really purified, in the face of such hard beans, old ancient smile, full of praise for him, even always hate him Gao Qian also changed the normal, dark xu to the hard beans.The author thinks that the environment can really change a person, the original hard beans how naughty we have seen, now become so clever, I hope he can stick to it.If you also like # Startaqi comics, then long click “like” and follow me quickly.