Daqing all over the country to promote “strengthening needle” vaccination

2022-08-04 0 By

In order to ensure that all eligible people receive the vaccine, local governments have taken various measures in the past few days to promote the orderly implementation of the “strengthening needle” vaccination campaign and ensure the safety of the people.Early in the morning, the staff of Limin Community, Sanyong Street, Longfeng District, reminded residents who arrived at the time of the third dose of COVID-19 vaccine to go to the vaccination site in time for vaccination.It is reported that in order to promote the third vaccination of the novel coronavirus vaccine, 10 grid groups in Limin community have promoted the vaccination schedule through telephone notification and household visits.Jiang Zhebin, secretary of the Party Branch of Limin Community, Sanyong Street, Longfeng District, has a lot of elderly people in our area. For the elderly with mobility difficulties, we go to the home to publicize. Another bus leaves at a fixed point, and the health service center in the area is also open regularly, so that residents can get vaccinated nearby.At the health center in Lamadian Town, Ranghuru District, the reporter noticed that there were still a lot of people who came to get booster shots for COVID-19 vaccine at lunch time. On-site registration, inoculation and observation were in good order.Let hulu District Lamadian town health center president Song Xuhui we can reach more than 1000 inoculation per day, the maximum of 1,500 people.With the end of the Spring Festival holiday, more and more people are returning to their hometowns. In addition to relying on the fixed vaccination position of the town health center, Lamadian Town also coordinates the “mobile vehicles” to provide doorto door services and carry out vaccination work all the time.Let hulu district Lamadian town deputy mayor Shen Long now we through the village, town mobilization, all on duty, through the telephone point to point, face to face, so far, we have been vaccinated nearly 3000 people.