Iran’s Foreign Ministry: Europe and THE US are still not serious and far from a deal

2022-08-04 0 By

Iran’s Foreign Ministry spokesman Mohammad Khatibzadeh told a regular press conference on Sunday that western countries still have not shown serious will in the Vienna talks, and there is still a long way to go to reach an agreement aimed at saving Iran’s nuclear deal.Khatibzadeh said “significant progress” had been made in the current talks, but that the remaining issues were “the most difficult and critical” and needed to be resolved.If the other parties to the talks show commitment on these remaining issues, the talks will enter the “final phase,” and Iran is waiting for Europe and the United States to decide, but so far they have not shown the seriousness they should.When it comes to the Vienna talks to lift a nuclear-related sanctions against Iraq, him, he said Iran’s position is clear, all sanctions – no matter what, as long as the commitment is not consistent with other relevant parties, and hinder Iran from the UN security council sanction in the resolution of the Iranian nuclear agreement economic dividends, should be lifted.He added that Iran’s most important commitment in the negotiations was to quickly roll back its nuclear program in line with the agreement, but that Iran would not make a deal that ran counter to the interests of the Iranian people and ignored its own red lines.When it comes to Iran to Saudi Arabia relations between the two countries, him, he said any negotiation and dialogue to be successful, there are two main elements, the first is consistent, the second is through negotiations to reach a good result of willingness to seriously, if Saudi Arabia as soon as possible to have these two, then the talks between Iran and Saudi Arabia can produce results,”Iran will participate in the fifth round of talks aimed at restoring relations between the two countries if the time is set.”When asked whether Iran is negotiating directly with the United States, Khatibzadeh said the current US administration has repeatedly requested direct talks with Iran, hoping to raise some issues to Iran in the form of direct talks.The Trump administration has tried this before, but Iran sees it as a cover for pursuing its own political goals.He said Iran and the United States exchanged views indirectly in the Vienna talks, but the United States cannot use the same tactics to achieve a different outcome. If the United States wants a different outcome, they should take different steps.(Media Reporter Lei Xiangping)