Wired headphones are the best partner to listen to music, KZ-Zexpro static headphones evaluation

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For the friend that likes to listen to music, have a good headphones that are essential, in the midst of headphones, actually wired headset is the best partner to listen to music, although the bluetooth headset technology is also very mature, but still have some delay bound to bluetooth headset, so listen to music also is a wired headset, so recently I am just starting a wired headset,That is from KZ ZEXpro static earphone, configured with moving coil + moving iron + static combination, sound quality of the sound field is very large, strong analytical power, sound density thick, can also change the line, increase playability, integrated above, can say that this KZ-Zexpro static earphone is absolutely a hundred yuan in the king of static earphone.At present, this KZ-ZEXPro static earphone also has two colors to choose, namely black and rose gold, so I choose rose gold, which feels very textual-like and luxurious.In terms of packaging, the overall is also very delicate, the front is the physical rendering of the product, the back is the product parameters and information composition, or very comprehensive.When you open the packaging box, you can see that the earphone is wrapped very well, just like the “gem” embedded in the interior, very lofty. Then look at the accessories, accessories are also very rich, not only has exclusive storage box, but also equipped with different specifications of ear caps to facilitate the adaptation of different groups of people ear canal.In terms of appearance details, the appearance process of KZ-ZEXPro static earphone also adopts the combination of metal and resin. The outline of the shell carving process is clear and clear, and it is also the process aesthetics of creating light luxury. The coexistence of delicate metal texture and fashionable streamline beauty makes people never forget.In particular, the cavity adopts the translucent shell design, which is more fashionable, but also shows that manufacturers have quite strong confidence in the product, after all, we can clearly see the physical configuration of the cavity.In terms of the sound cavity, the 6.8mm main pole sound unit is adopted. The static electricity field formed by the changes of two electrodes makes the sound field larger and the analytical power higher. In fact, the low-voltage static electricity unit has better performance and more stable quality.The wire harness is professional silver plated double wire, more durable and strong, the interface is also used 2PIN interface, can be free to assemble upgrade wire, can effectively protect the pin to prevent breaking, prolong the number of plug and dip interface and service life, the most important is that the wire harness can be replaced, so that can also increase the playability.Since I got the one with the mic, it also comes with an HD capacitive microphone, which is compatible with standard phones for HD calls.Storage aspect, is also attached with a storage box, this storage box is also good workmanship, you can put headphones directly into it, and then it can be convenient to carry.Kz-zexpro static earphone also adopts the excellent combination of industrial design and ergonomics, and collects the human ear data model of thousands of people, which can accurately match the human ear structure of the mainstream crowd to ensure that the earphone provides comfortable, safe fitting and effective noise isolation.The actual wear is really good, very comfortable after wearing, no stethoscope effect, but also convenient to wear, the in-ear design will not fall no matter how you shake your head after wearing, I am very satisfied with the wearing experience.In terms of sound quality, this KZ-ZEXPro static earphone is also the first earphone with static electricity, moving coil and moving iron mixed with three kinds of high performance sound units in one. The excellent structure and accurate tuning give you the feeling of natural sound.In terms of sound quality experience, I also tried several songs of different types, which gave me the feeling that the sound field was large, the analysis power was strong, the sound density was very thick, the three-frequency balance direction, and the human voice was sweeter. Comparatively speaking, it was much stronger than my previous several wired earphones.Overall, KZ – ZEXpro electrostatic headphones on whether wear or sound quality is very good, is the first to wear, wear, really very comfortable, I chose the medium of ear cap, wear on can joint the ear canal, then it is not easy to fall, but the main thing is that can be effective for the noise isolation, sound quality aspects really is very strong,After all, the three-unit design of static electricity + moving coil + moving iron is quite strong in sound quality, and the analytical power is also very good. No matter what style of music can be easily analyzed, giving you a sense of nature.