Iqiyi Qiyu Dream app store new, VR industry starts to speed up?

2022-08-05 0 By

Pinecone finance learned, according to titanium media on February 17 news, iQiyi Adventure VR has begun to force the game field.Currently, 38 games are available on the Adventure Dream app store.It is reported that in addition to the first three games of “Music Future: Music Project”, “Professional Ping-pong VR” and “Crisis Action Team 2”, adventure Store announced that it will release limited free activities from time to time, for example, fruit Ninja VR, which was launched during the Spring Festival, is among the restricted free activities.Since 2021, AR/VR devices have been favored by consumers under the tuyere of the meta-universe.Shipments of AR/VR devices will be revised up to 14.19 million units in 2022, representing 43.9 percent annual growth, according to TrendForce research.Previously, CITIC Securities pointed out in the research report that as VR equipment gradually meets the needs of economy, comfort, immersion, interoperability and other requirements, its hardware form will gradually evolve from the current PC, all-in-one machine to pure head display (no handle) and cloud VR.VR equipment is expected to move towards MR form in the long term, accumulating a variety of basic technologies for AR application.In the future, AR will emphasize interaction (less apps) and VR will emphasize immersion (more apps).In the long run, VR products are expected to be more applied to improve work and life efficiency, with annual shipments reaching over 100 million.However, at present, VR/AR industry is still in the period of technological exploration, and its future development direction and possible pattern have not been clearly determined.From the current stage of application scenarios, user groups, business models, the future is most likely to be more similar to the console game industry.In addition to the game industry, the application scenarios of VR and other virtual reality technologies in the future will infiltrate into more industries such as live broadcasting, shopping, social networking and fitness, and the wind of virtual reality has arrived.For more highlights, check out Pinecone Finance