The sooner the better to end excessive packaging

2022-08-05 0 By

It is reported that the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT) has completed the compilation of the first revision of the mandatory national standards on Limiting excessive packaging requirements for Food and cosmetics.Mooncakes should not be mixed with other goods, and zongzi should not be mixed with goods that exceed their value, the draft said.The mandatory national standards for food and Cosmetics were announced in August last year and have been widely accepted by the public.Considering in the implementation of the new national standard policy, food and cosmetics production enterprise of product packaging according to the new standard of standardized design, as well as to the stock of packing need to clean up the inventory, cosmetic products, in particular, long shelf life and digest need time will be relatively long, the new national standard set up two years of the implementation of the transition.Now, in accordance with the needs of the national green and low-carbon development situation, we have specially issued a revision list for the “excessive packaging” of moon cakes and zongzi, and once again solicited opinions from all sectors of society. This undoubtedly conveys the strong will and firm determination of the state to control the “excessive packaging”.Data show that a considerable part of China’s municipal waste is packaging waste, more than half of which is excessive packaging.Especially during the Dragon Boat Festival or Mid-Autumn Festival, “luxurious packaging” of zongzi and moon cakes is quite common in the consumer market, and some packaging costs even reach tens of times the value of the commodity itself.Paper, wood, silk and metal are consumed in large quantities, and the cost is passed on to consumers. This not only wastes precious energy resources, causes environmental pollution, but also increases the economic burden of consumers.Throughout the draft for comments, can be used to “simple and clear, obvious directivity” to summarize.For example, in terms of the number of packaging layers, grain and processed products, moon cakes and zongzi should not exceed three layers, and other commodities should not exceed four layers.For example, moon cakes should not be mixed with other goods, and zongzi should not be mixed with goods that exceed their value.For another example, the packaging of moon cakes and zongzi should not use precious metals, mahogany and other precious materials.In addition, in terms of packaging cost, the cost of all packaging except those directly in contact with the contents shall not exceed 20% of the product sales price.These clear and clear provisions are undoubtedly conducive to effective supervision.The Law on the Prevention and Control of Environmental Pollution by Solid Waste, which came into force in September last year, states: “Producers and business operators should abide by mandatory standards restricting excessive packaging of goods and avoid excessive packaging.The market supervision and administration departments and relevant departments of the local people’s governments at and above the county level shall, according to their respective duties, strengthen supervision and administration of excessive packaging.”It can be seen that the Law on the Prevention and Control of Environmental Pollution by Solid Waste has made it mandatory to restrict the “excessive packaging” of commodities, which is conducive to promoting the full implementation of the new national standards for moon cakes and zongzi, forcing enterprises to carry out compliance design of product packaging, and truly realizing effective supervision.The function of commodity packaging is to protect commodities, and “excessive packaging” will lead to some commodities in order to fight for “appearance level” and ignore the inherent “quality” of products.There is reason to believe that as the new national standard to the moon cake, zongzi “luxury packaging”, will force enterprises to change the way of production and operation, create a good green consumption environment, achieve economic development and ecological environmental protection coordination, promote the healthy and sustainable development of green economy.(Source: Economic Daily News)