The transportation tunnel of yunxiao pumped storage Power station, a key provincial project, has been excavated

2022-08-06 0 By

Zhangzhou, April 8 (Reporter Lin Yongqing) Recently, the excavation of the traffic tunnel into the yunxiao Pumped storage Power station has been completed. This is another major progress made in the construction of the Yunxiao pumped storage power station after the excavation of the ventilation and safety tunnel has been completed on November 8, 2021.Constructed by the 16th Bureau of Hydropower, the tunnel is the main transportation channel for yunxiao Pumped storage Power Station to enter and exit the underground workshop. It is 1418.522 meters in length and 138.0 meters in pavement elevation. The tunnel is in the shape of a city gate (round arch straight wall section).Since the start of the project, the project department insists on safe production and civilized construction, and the site safety and quality management has a high starting point, high standard and strict requirements to ensure the safety, quality and efficient promotion of the construction of each process of excavation.It is reported that the Yunxiao pumped storage power station project is located in Gaotian Village, Huotian Town, Yunxiao County, which is jointly funded by CNNC and Guodian Zhangzhou Energy Co., LTD., responsible for operation.The project is planned to build six 300,000-kw reversible hydro-generator sets with a total installed capacity of 1.8 million kW and a total investment of about 10 billion YUAN. It is a key project of the 13th Five-Year Plan for renewable energy development and hydropower development of China.It is also the recommended site of newly-built pumping and storage power station of Fujian power grid and the catch-up project and key project of Fujian Province determined by National Energy Administration.The project of power station hub is mainly composed of upper reservoir, lower reservoir, water conveyance system, underground workshop cave group, ground switch station and permanent traffic road.After the completion of the project, it will form an integrated operation of nuclear storage with Zhangzhou Nuclear Power Co., Ltd. to ensure the safety of power grid operation and the absorption of clean energy, with good economic and social benefits.